Why Your Instagram Marketing Techniques Were Wrong All This Time

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Instagram marketing used to be easy when 100% of your followers received your posts in their feed... nearly a decade ago. But now Instagram for business is much more congested and competitive. Your low organic reach and/or high ad costs might be giving you a headache and making you ask yourself a lot of questions like these: 

• Why am I not getting results on Instagram? 
• How to get more followers? 
• Why is my business page not getting enough likes? 
• Why don’t people like my posts? 
• How to engage the IG audience? 

Are all such questions bothering you every time you do Instagram marketing? 

If yes, instead of panicking, let’s learn why your Instagram marketing techniques are not delivering the desired results all this time. 

For sure, I can’t give you a specific reason Instagram isn’t working for you, especially not without looking at your account, but can indeed provide you with the most common reasons businesses are not getting the results they set out to achieve on Instagram. 

So are you ready to find out what's wrong with your Instagram advertising? 

Let’s do it Instagrammers! 

Not Focusing On “Timeliness” 

Do you know the Instagram algorithm, which affects marketing results, not only pays attention to how much engagement your Instagram post gets, but it also looks at how long ago the picture/video was posted? 

If not, be mindful from today. 

Instagram’s algorithm cares about when you posted, as it always wants to serve its users the fresh, most exciting posts. 

That means you can hack the algorithm by finding your personalized best time to post on Instagram to increase your reach and get more likes, followers, and engagements. In all, you are giving yourself a better chance of getting more leads and conversions if posting when your followers are online and most active. 

Are You Treating Instagram Like Other Marketing Channels? 

This is the number one and most common mistake marketers make with Instagram marketing. 

There are some points one can focus on. For example, blatant posts on Instagram irritate users or never get much engagement. 

So, what to do? 

Well, here are the basics of creating Instagram posts that can grab attention in a user's Instagram feeds: 

Creativity - When you are sharing stories, pictures, and videos on Instagram, make sure they are amusing, entertaining, or inspirational. 

Visual Focus - It is all about visuals on Instagram. As they are here for entertainment too, so much text is boring for them. Hence, keep the text minimal and your captions concise. 

Subtlety - Branding/logos is acceptable as long as it's not loud. Keep your branding/logos small, so they're not in people's faces. 

Video - Videos on Instagram get excellent engagement; try posting customized videos that are unique, and interesting. 

Posting Common Content 

Active users on Instagram will be quick to unfollow you if you’re using duplicate photos and videos. 

Sure, once in a while, it is okay to post popular, trending photos, but you can customize those too. Like if there is a trend running, for instance, #USvsIndia, you can use your brand business to make it more engaging for your intended audience. 

If your content isn’t unique or engaging, you are discouraging many of your active users. 

Neither me nor you, no one likes common content – not users and certainly not Google. And Instagram is the same. Every follower scrolls only to see something new. So, ditch resharing a photo that you took while going through Instagram instead, take an idea and craft something appealing. 

In all, posting different content types, experiment to see which one resonates with your intended audience. 

Reach Social Media Marketing Experts 

No doubt you can avoid such common mistakes and use them as tips to get desired results. 

But do you know a professional Social media marketing expert can do it better? Since they are doing the same every day, they know how to proceed with a specific niche, what strategies to use and how to engage the targeted audience to convert them into leads. Their experience, knowledge of Instagram algorithms, and habit of adapting to the latest and rapidly changing trends can help you gain more and more, even beyond what you are expecting. 

So why are you waiting? Find a professional and wait to enjoy the success on your way! 

Instagram Marketing Expertise

Still, if you are doing Instagram marketing yourself, not a problem, simply avoid the mistakes mentioned. If you are located in UK, you can always ask an Instagram marketing agency in London to help you figure it out.

Enjoy Instagramming SMM superstars!

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