Increase Introvert Income With Business Blogging

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How To Empower Your Introversion Through Business Blogging

Blogging is an introvert’s best friend. Why? Introverts are deep. They usually have a lot of thoughts that don’t come out vocally. Blogging allows an introvert to organize their thoughts while writing them out. But, what to write about? Introverts are usually creative. They have unique ideas that they sometimes feel shouldn’t be shared. But, a blog doesn’t judge. A blog takes on whatever you express without opinion. Yes, eventually you will hit the publish button and the world will see, Or, maybe not. 

Being an introvert is not painful as it is being in the external world, like at a job. A job can suck. Noisy extroverts can drain an introvert in business environments. I always hated my jobs. I found that I saved up all my expression from the day and injected it into my writing at night. Unfortunately, writing eBooks is not that financially rewarding, whereas Blogging is. 

Over 12,000 blogs are created everyday, but many die after having published 3 to 20 blog posts. There’s a sea of dead blogs with no SEO. Some have even become popular because of their age on the internet, but the blog owner has given up and hasn’t seen this. Many give up right before their blog takes off, But, isn’t that the story of being an Entrepreneur? In order to get success in any endeavor, you have to have an insane perseverance, which usually is driven by an undying passion. It’s okay if that “insane perseverance” isn’t there yet. Many take “baby steps” towards success along a pathway of little setbacks, but the reward is usually the combination and force of all your actions. Striking “momentum” of readership is everyone’s aim with blogging. 

There are many analogies that explain the momentum of success for an introverted business blogger. Like a snowball that gets bigger as it rolls down a hill, or a jet plane that uses most of it’s gas while taking off. Getting momentum in any endeavor takes the most effort in the beginning. But, pretty soon this momentum, caused by your consistent content production, is exciting shit. You will have amassed a ton of great posts that are yours and only yours, and all these posts are out there on the internet collecting interest and leads. 

I remember when this Marketing Masterminds blog had only 50 awkward posts. Then it had 100 okay posts. Now, it has 150+ pretty good posts. I basically have 160+ “fishing poles” out in the “internet sea” collecting an audience and leads. That's called attraction marketing, a specific type of content marketing.

I have the freedom to promote anything I want on this blog, and so can you. The first step in creating a successful blog is to just be yourself and write down your thoughts. The act of writing everyday in the beginning is the hardest “snowball” to get rolling. Concentrate on your theme and niche. Discover exactly what topic you want to cover on your blog. I started this blog writing about network marketing techniques to help network marketers, but I have narrowed this niche down to basically helping introverts who want to finally make money online by blogging. Of course, I will cover other topics, but you want to stick to a specific niche, and the more focused you are on a very small, specific niche the better. 

Why? Because, there are people in the world who are just like you. They have the same problems you have. So, when you have discovered solutions to your specific problems and have provided these solutions in your posts, you get instant trust and respect. They have instant trust for you because you nailed their problem exactly on the head. You spoke about their problem exactly and provided a solution. That usually equals instant trust in my book. You also want to brand yourself with your blog. Ideally, your WordPress blog is called either your full name, or it is called something that will relate to your niche. But, if you call it something related to your niche, you are pretty much stuck in that niche. 

For example: it’s going to be hard to talk about “marketing” if your blog is called “MarysFishingPoles .com” You have more freedom, in case your niche changes, by calling your blog your name. But, if you feel really confident that you will always talk about “Income” then add that word in your blog name, like “IncomeSuccessTips.” This site has the word "Marketing" in it, but it also has the generic term "Masterminds" as well which allows for more wide-ranging blog post topics. But regardless of what your website or blog's domain name is, you can still always write about whatever you want.

Being introverted no longer is debilitating because of the internet. We can create any type of style or brand we want. If you’re an introvert who eats grasshoppers, there’s an audience waiting to read your stuff! It might take time for them to find you, but once they come, you will surely go viral and profit. Earn your introvert income: build your blog bigger and better!

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