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Email marketing is an effective and underrated form of digital marketing that has been around for over two decades now! It certainly isn't as new or sexy as other marketing measures like social media, mobile applications, or virtual reality... but it's consistently a great source of ROI. Every marketing mastermind needs to master the art and science of email marketing at some point. Overall, email marketing still works wonders if done correctly. 

Prove to your customer that your email campaigns work! You can no longer rely on just open and click results because you are offering the same product that your competition is offering. It's time to have the competitive edge by not only providing open and click results, but also live interactive reports detailing customer foot traffic at any location or e-commerce purchases. You must quantify the high ROI of email marketing and your strategic emails.

That's why the Marketing Masterminds Blog offers top new articles and blog posts on email marketing to benefit marketers around the world. Enjoy the growing number of email marketing articles below to improve your overall marketing efforts: 

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