5 Examples Of Effective Sports Branding

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The global sports industry is worth around £600 billion overall and it is only growing larger. Sports are a growing part of modern society and are consumed on all media platforms and in many social settings. You can't go anywhere without seeing or hearing about a game, match, tournament, or star athlete in the news or on social media. 

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Women's sports aren't being left out either when it comes to brand building. Women's sports are at an all-time high and there are more amateur and professional female sports teams every year. A study by Nielsen shows that around 84% of people are interested in women's sports.

Because of the massive audience and influence that sports have, the branding and marketing associated with athletics is becoming more important every day. A lot of money and publicity is on the line so leagues, associations, teams, and individual athletes, need to be eye-catching and professional. The logos and branding also needs to mean something, and it helps to have some history if it is a storied franchise or family name. Sports branding, logos, and overall image is a top priority for everyone involved. 

But not all sports branding is created equal. Some teams and athletes do a better job than others. So here are 5 brilliant examples of effective sports branding that lead the athletic industry today:

1. Manchester United FC

manchester united football club flag best logo branding sports

Man Utd FC is the most popular football club in the world, and it is logo couldn't be more iconic. Manchester United started out in 1878 and nicknamed "The Red Devils". You can also see the ship at the top of the logo, referring to Manchester's history as a top port community in England. Manchester United's logo is eye-catching, unique, powerful, and intimidating. It is a logo that fans can be proud of and that drives viewers and merchandise sales.

2. Arsenal Women's Football Club

ladies arsenal football club flag team logo brand

The Arsenal Women's Football Club enjoys one of the most intimidating and powerful sports logos in the world. The cannon, which was first used in 1922, draws immediate parallels to the team's speed, strength and explosiveness. It may be a little less politically correct in today's day and age, but it is still one of the most effective logos in sports today. 

3. Chelsea Women's Football Club

chelsea women's football club logo branding fc

The Chelsea Women's Football Club is another prime example of effective sports branding. This charismatic group of ladies benefits from a strong logo of a lion that has been used in some way since the 1950's

The lion emblem communicates strength and dominance over the competition. Chelsea F.C. has strong design that drives merchandise sales for both the men's and women's clubs. 

4. England Women's Netball Team

england netball team women's brand logo vitality roses sports branding

The England Netball team is a group of strong, enthusiastic, and confident female athletes that know how to win. Their logo showcases their strong team spirit, beauty, and unity. 

These athletic ladies have a strong and growing brand that will help keep them in the headlines. Make sure to follow the England Netball team as they expand their brand!

5. James Haskell

james haskell rugby player brand logo

James Haskell is an internationally renowned rugby superstar. As a rising star and entrepreneur, James Haskell has been leveraging his career success to expand into areas outside of rugby building a strong personal brand. Athletes traditionally have very short careers, so they need to plan for their future after retirement. With the help of Polar's branding in Essex services, he has his own logo and brand to build profitable business empire that will last decades. This is what smart athletes do as they approach retirement.

Brilliant Branding In Sports Conclusion

Sports teams and individual athletes are becoming more popular and influential on our society than ever before. 

Effective sports branding is key to maintaining and expanding that attention span and leveraging it for increased income opportunities in the short and long term. 

I hope you enjoyed this article about brilliants examples of effective sports branding and .

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