How To Improve Your Brand Reputation Online

how to improve brand reputation

It is true what they say; reputation is everything. Well, any digital marketing agency in London will tell you when it comes to brand identity, it certainly is. You can spend 15 years building a reputation and 15 minutes ruining it, as the old adage says.

However, no one can have a 100% squeaky clean reputation. We all understand mistakes happen, complaints occur, and this ultimately can cause some damage to your brand's reputation. 

But a couple of negative complaints doesn't mean your brand is completely ruined; there are steps and measures you can take to ensure that you not only improve your reputation but also help build your brand up as a reliable, trustworthy and reputable company. 

Why Is It Important? 

It is essential to manage your online brand reputation because it impacts consumer behaviour, including the most important thing… whether or not they choose to buy from you. 

When potential buyers look at your brand, they want to see if it fits their interests and needs. If they find that you have a good reputation online, then there is a higher chance that they will buy from you because of this alignment. 

Customers who know about your good reputation may be more inclined to continue using your services or products because they know what to expect (i.e. quality). 

You may be thinking, well, brand reputation is all about other people's opinions, which I cannot control. Well, you would be right to a certain extent, but there are ways you can not only change people's opinions but monitor what is said and say you control the conversation around your brand. 


Track your brand mentions. This can be done through social media, search engine results and third-party review sites. You will need to have a strategy in place to follow up on these mentions and respond accordingly. 

Using a monitoring tool that gathers data from multiple sources and offers it all in one place for easy access, you can ensure you don't miss a thing. 

Up Your Social Media Check-Ins 

Be active on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn that are relevant to your business. 

Social media community management is key here. If someone has slid into your DMs with a question, they will likely expect a quick and fast response, so ensure that you either are checking them regularly or you have a plan in place to ensure each person is responded to within 24 hours. 

If you find something bad said about your company or product/service offerings online that doesn't look legitimate (or at least from an unbiased source), report it immediately so that the offending content gets taken down ASAP! 


While professional, well-lit photos on your website look the most appealing and enticing, sometimes a raw, authentic photo of a happy customer can increase your brand's reputation even more effectively. 

So encourage your customer to share their content of them interacting with your brand. User-generated content creates social proof of concept and is very positive for your reputation. 

Let Your Reviews Do The Talking! 

Ask customers who have used your product or service before whether they mind leaving reviews online (especially if they are positive). 

It is not only good practice for businesses nowadays, but it helps consumers feel more confident about buying from companies without first seeing how other people react after doing. 

But don't just delete the bad reviews or ignore them. If someone posts a bad review or complaint on a forum, Facebook page or website, you should reply in a timely manner explaining why you think they have the wrong information or how you can help resolve it. Ideally, try not to make it a public back and forth, but if it is already visible, it can sometimes be good to show that you are willing to put things right for an unhappy customer. 

A simple "Sorry to hear this, have sent you a private DM so we can get to the bottom of this" message can help change the narrative of that initial negative comment. 

Invest In Your SEO 

Getting that coveted top spot on Google's results page carries a lot of weight for any brand. Not only does it show you a reputable brand in Google's eyes, but also the consumers. 

Look to invest in your SEO strategy to ensure that you are up there with the best of the best. We understand that the top spot is these days a highly competitive sport, so at the very least, aim for the top 10. 

A quick tip on how to do this is to stay on top of your blog. 


Your business reputation is everything! By following these tips, you should not only build a good reputation, but repair any damage caused to it in no time.

Why More Businesses Are Using Digital Marketing

why more businesses use digital marketing

Digital marketing has become a popular method of marketing for many businesses in the last decade especially. This popular marketer method has been to use social media platforms to market products and services on. It is the go-to option for affordability, versatility, and reach that is now accessible for all businesses.

The gambling industry is an industry that has taken a keen interest in digital marketing with betting sites not on gamstop being used for online betting and has seen a large increase in website traffic and sales since turning to social media platforms to market their businesses. 

Social Media Platforms 

Social media platforms have become an important part of digital marketing with more brands looking to promote themselves across the various social media platforms to help them bring in more business and to improve sales. Social media platforms are a great way to market your business as you can promote your services and products across the different platforms quite easily and your adverts can reach millions of potential customers. 

Social media marketing has been on the rise in recent years with more companies looking to use this digital marketing technique as they can track the progress of their adverts, and this helps them to understand what kind of potential clients their adverts are reaching and if they are reaching the correct type of potential customers. 

Over the years many of us have created an account on social media platforms and we are often coming across paid or promoted adverts and posts on the platforms, so you can see first-hand how popular this marketing trend has become with thousands of online companies now trying their luck across the social media platforms. 

Digital marketing is an important part of bringing in new business as there are plenty of techniques that can be used, and social media platforms are now at the front of the list with companies using this method instead of using methods such as email marketing amongst other things. 

The Future Of Digital Marketing 

The future of digital marketing will be around social media platforms as this is a proven method to help improve business and more companies are looking to try out this exciting method as they can bring in a lot of new business by using social media platforms as the main method of marketing. 

Social media marketing has become the most used form of marketing in recent years, and you can see why when there are millions of us using social media platforms each day. 

Digital marketing and marketing in general are crucial to getting right to ensure that you are bringing in as much business as possible due to the market being so competitive now it is important to use these platforms to stand out from your rivals and to bring in as much business as possible by using social media platforms to help you achieve this. Social media marketing looks to be the present and the future of marketing as companies are seeing great results from their most recent marketing campaigns across social media platforms. 

Even new businesses that have a website are turning to social media marketing as their first call of marketing due to the results that they know they can get. Most businesses will see an increase in sales and website traffic within the first weeks of using social media marketing tools, and this quick turnaround only means that more companies with a website will be using social media marketing as their main form of digital marketing. 


You can see why social media and digital marketing have become so important and why more companies are now looking to use these methods to improve their sales and website traffic over the coming years within their business.

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