B2B Startup Paid Advertising vs Organic Marketing

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B2B Branding Introduction

If you run a B2B startup, you are familiar with the challenges that come with it from what decision to make to what action to take. It's not easy to be decisive, but that is what is required as a startup founder, CEO, investor, CMO, or marketing manager. You get paid to make the tough decisions, including whether or not to pay for advertising or marketing campaigns.

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B2B companies sell products or services to other businesses (and sometimes to consumers, too). Paid marketing at a B2B startup can be more tricky than a B2C startup given end users are usually buying on behalf of the organization. And it gets even more confusing if we are talking branding, marketing, and advertising for a B2B2C organization.

Meaningful Marketing Metrics

B2Bs use a lot of metrics that analyze their target audience before pitching and selling a product to them. B2Bs can attract both inbound (when the customer comes to you) and outbound (when you contact the potential customer lead) by: 

• Defining its target customer 
• Using the appropriate communication channels 
• Maintaining communication  

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B2Bs (business to business companies) first consider the size of their audience before they start marketing and pitching them. They filter by SMB / SME small and medium businesses (0-100 employees), mid-market businesses (100-1000 employees), to enterprise businesses (1,000 employees and above). 

Effective business-to-business marketing depends on the size of the audience as marketing is not a one-size fits all process;  it is not possible to design a strategy that works for every size audience. Without understanding your target audience, marketing strategies will be ineffective. 

All You Need To Know About B2B Marketing 

To make the most of any B2B marketing strategy, it is important to consider the goal you wish to achieve. Is the strategy designed to just create visibility? Is it to drive partnerships and collaborations with other businesses? Or is it just simply to maximize profits? 

B2B startups unlike B2Cs (business to consumer models) focus on strategies that help them to pitch their products and services to businesses that need them. The end goal of doing this is so that they can gain visibility and make profits. 

The primary goal of every business is to maximize revenue and profits. Marketing strategies are used to reach your target market and drive awareness of your brand, product, and service. Strategies used differ from one business to another and are dependent on some basic factors. 

Factors that cause marketing strategies to differ include goals, purchase motivation, purchase purpose, purchase process, content, and the people involved in the purchase. 

Factors Impacting B2B Marketing

1. Marketing Goal

The marketing goal of B2Bs is to acquire and retain (high-value customers) which are other companies. Customers will typically be focused on understanding the business case of using your product, the ROI, efficiency, and expertise. Ensure that your marketing strategies communicate these values to your prospective customers. You will need industry benchmarks and KPI as well to help you reach your marketing goals, even if you run a top crypto forex MLM company

2. Purchase Motivation

Customers are not primarily influenced by emotion in B2B marketing. Instead, they are affected by reason, costs, and ROI - i.e. how companies can make more (financial) gains through their products and services. 

3. Purchase Purpose 

B2Bs tend to retain customers longer than B2Cs. Most times, the engagement with their customers is often long-term because of purchase purpose. Once customers have found what they are looking for, they won’t leave unless they are enticed by a better deal or better value elsewhere. In addition, switching costs in B2B solutions are usually higher than B2C solutions. Constant contact, feedback, and service with your customers is important to ensure client loyalty. 

4. Purchase Process 

Unlike B2Cs, purchases are not made directly. Specific employees in the company may be buyers for different types of B2B products. For instance, a Procurement Manager may negotiate deals for enterprise-wide software whereas a Design Manager may buy design software for their specific team. This way, relationships are enhanced and intensified between both parties. 

5. Content

Creating quality content (that informs and convinces) for B2B marketing is very important. Like direct consumers, the customers also need to be educated about new products and solve their problems. 

6. People Involved

B2B customers are not the sole decision-makers. They are often representatives taking instructions from the decision-makers. Make sure you understand the buying process and the key influencers and decision makers in the process to drive effective marketing and sales. 

Free Forms Of Marketing 

There are many B2B startups on a budget out there as well looking for free advertising avenues. Some top free forms of marketing with potentially no direct costs include: 

• Word of mouth and other referral channels that spread of your brand, products, or services. This is especially important for businesses like restaurants and video games

• Content marketing that leads to organic rank on Google (while “free” this does entail spending time and/or money on building and promoting content. 

• Barter based partnerships with other brands where instead of paying money, you barter on other things like cross-promotions. 

But a lot of these free marketing and advertising options still take time, energy, employees, and maintenance. Remember that time is money, even when it comes to ads and branding.

If you don’t already have such channels set up and working for you, you’ll need to resort to paid marketing to start feeding your top of the sales funnel. 

When B2B Startups Should Resort To Paid Marketing - Pay To Play

There are several strategies that B2B startups can engage to drive sales. While some of these strategies can be free, there will come a time when the need for paid marketing will be very important. Sometime you have to pay to play, and you have to spend money to make money. Some paid marketing strategies that you can engage for your startup include: 

4 Top Paid B2B Marketing Strategies

• Email Marketing:  It was reported by Content Marketing Institute in 2022 that 81% of B2B marketers consider email newsletters as their most used form of content marketing. This means they are tapping into the 3.9 billion daily email users. Email marketing isn't new or glamorous, but it is one of the most dependable channels for scaling and ROI.

• Digital Marketing (SEM):  This is about having a digital presence. Without one, people will wonder what your business is since everyone is present online. Don't be that business that is still stuck in 1999 saying that they don't need a website or online presence in 2022. Get a website and ensure it is SEO-optimized. Search engine optimization is one of the best organic marketing tactics you can use for your business website and brands on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex, YouTube, and DuckDuckGo. Define your audience and run PPC campaigns if you want to take the paid advertising route. You may want to bid on high volume, high purchase intent keywords that will help your potential users become aware of your service when they are searching for a solution. 

• Social Media Marketing (SMM):  This form of marketing is not quite emphatic for B2Bs as it is for B2Cs. Yet, social media is a powerful tool for creating brand awareness and management. The followers you have might be the key to connecting you with businesses in need of your services. You can focus your paid ad spend on channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest, Snapchat, and of course Facebook to some extent with expert digital marketing guidance from Appetite Creative

• Content Marketing:  Content available to B2Bs includes blogging, podcasting, newsletters, and even vlogging. Content marketing can drive traffic and convert leads when backed up by analytics. Once you have content ready, promote the content through sponsored channels such as Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Medium, Blogger, WordPress, Soundcloud, Mailchimp, and Google. Leverage social media for further business content growth.

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Paid Marketing Potential

You could also pay freelancers to carry out these duties or to use their own digital cache to promote your company online. That is a separate or supplemental option of paid marketing and advertising for B2B startups.

Paid marketing is essential for you if speed to market matters to you and leaving things to organic or word-of-mouth growth may drive things too slowly for you to realize the potential of your business. Also, if you have a short timeline of products and services with specific goals and benefits a big paid push may be necessary to maximize exposure to consumers. 

To Pay Or Not To Pay? That Is The Question For B2B Startup Businesses

But before you dive into paid marketing methods, you need to be familiar with your customers' interests and previous interactions. While paid marketing would allow you to target new customers, the old ones might be as new as gold. Again, communication with your clients is key to success. Also ensure that your applications are working correctly for paid and unpaid marketing.

Relying on paid marketing as your sole channel can be dangerous and give you a false sense of achieving product-market fit. Ultimately, you need to track your conversions from these paid channels and ensure that the customers you acquire give you an ROI that more than crosses your cost of acquisition. You also want customers that are a good fit and advocate your brand. 

With paid marketing, you should be concerned about customer retention as much as customer acquisition for your B2B statup business. The right marketing strategies will keep your customers well informed of their needs that your company can meet and profit from. 

B2B Paid Marketing For Startups Conclusion 

Marketing is fundamental to all businesses, be it small or large. Visibility and productivity are largely determined by the quality of marketing strategy that is engaged. B2Bs can make use of paid marketing strategies like email and content marketing to be sure they are reaching their target audience. Keep these tips in mind to determine whether your specific B2B business situation calls for paid marketing or organic marketing strategies. And make sure to read more B2B startup insights right here on Marketing Masterminds!

Top 19 Best MLM Companies 2023-2024: New Network Marketing Startup Companies

top cannabidiol multi-level marketing best mlm businesses 2023 best network marketing companies new direct selling cbd startups

MLM has been a rapidly growing industry in 2023. Multi-level marketing offers business opportunities that are unparalleled for most aspiring entrepreneurs and side hustles. And some of the top MLM companies in the world are now CBD oil businesses going deeper into 2023. Cannabidiol product sales are exploding around the world due to their value over alternatives like addictive and dangerous pharmaceutical drugs, or the more psychedelic and less legal marijuana. CBD oil products go together with multi-level marketing like peanut butter and jelly in 2023. 

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Cannabinoids are crushing it in the MLM marketplace today because unfortunately more people than ever are dealing with chronic anxiety, insomnia, inflammation, stress, fear, and pain. They also want a natural solution such as CBD and not more ibuprofen, acetaminophen, or opioids going into 2023. Whether they are eaten, vaped, swallowed, taken sublingually, or applied topically CBD products are increasingly popular and accepted by customers of all types.

CBD business also goes well with affiliate marketing and direct sales so a few of these top companies are include as well on our top list. If you prefer affiliate sales or direct selling over MLM, that is not a problem with CBD oil. The business opportunities are everywhere, you just have to know where to look.

With a can-do cannabis attitude and multi-level marketing as your profitable platform, you have the potential to earn unlimited income working from anyone for low startup costs in 2023 and 2024.

MLM + CBD = Success For You + Me

A lot of people are overwhelmed with all the CBD Oil Companies coming out, some being only wholesale. Here are our top 19 best CBD Oil MLMs below including a few affiliate marketing companies. 

CBD oil is big business. Forbes predicts it to skyrocket to $25 billion a year by the end of 2023 along with a growth in CBD oil payments processed. It is probably already passed that as expectations are growing for 2024. Consumers need to relax and get healthy after a stressful and sickening year, and CBD oil products allow them to do that on a budget and without a prescription or health insurance coverage. While some of the health claims of CBD need to be further substantiated, it is clear that there are benefits and that customers are willing to pay a premium price for cannabidiol for the foreseeable future. And that is where hemp MLM companies come in for motivated network marketers.

Obviously everyone wants a piece of the CBD industry growth action. Hundreds of CBD Oil MLM companies have surfaced over the last few years, no surprise there! But, if you are reading this article, you are probably an internet network marketer who wants to make a great income as well as benefit from the miraculous CBD benefits in 2024 and beyond. 

Top 19 Best MLM Companies In The World Selling CBD Oil Products 2023 And 2024

Here are the top 19 best new MLM companies for 2023 and 2024. Most of them are CBD businesses and some of them are more direct selling organizations than multi-level marketing, but these are the best of the best overall MLM and affiliate marketing CBD companies going into 2024. 

LiveGood is a brand new multi-level marketing business that sells a variety of high end healthy supplements and cannabidiol products. They sell their products for frugal prices so they can boost sales volume and recruiting, while minimizing distributor attrition. 

LiveGood has experienced record-breaking growth in its several few months as top network marketing company and is now a global opportunity with an expanded discounted product line. They are approaching the 725,000 member mark as they ramp up sales, recruiting, and distribution in 215 countries. 

With LiveGood you can really live good by earning up to $2,047.50 per month without having to recruit new members into your team! This is an excellent way to passively boost your wealth while improving your health. Their CBD oil for humans and pets are top-notch bargains while their CBD pain cream is truly a ground-breaking product for both MLMers and customers.

2. Nu Skin 

Nu Skin is a top MLM company that specializes in health and beauty. They recently added CBD skincare products to their already diversified product line. NuSkin certainly isn't a new direct selling company, but it is a successful and stable MLM organization that will only grow further after adding cannabidiol products. Nu Skin will continue to be a top-performing network marketing business in 2023 as they are lightyears ahead of most CBD MLMs in terms of global distribution.

3. Kannaway 

Kannaway is the top MLM company that has probably been around the longest. They are an actual CBD oil network marketing company. However, I don’t see pure CBD Oil on their current website. I see what is possibly a blend called “Revive AM & PM” Kannaway CBD oil. You can start with purchasing this bottle for $66 if you join as a “Brand Ambassador” and pay $10 a month membership fee. Commissions are a little low at 30% in this top CBD network marketing business. They have other incentives, like 3 for free, where you get free product if you recruit a certain amount to your MLM downline in 2023. 

Pros: They are the pioneers of the CBD MLM industry so they have had a head start on sales success worldwide. 

Cons: Their marketing is a bit outdated for the 2023 cannabinoid industry. There is a lot more competition for CBD network marketing organizations now.

4. My Club 8 

The My Club 8 MLM company started off huge but supposedly ran into business difficulties soon after so it is not the #1 best network marketing company right now for CBD. Distributors felt betrayed and frustrated for a period of time, although that has mostly passed. While looking at Club 8’s products, I noticed they do offer pure CBD Oil. However, looking closer at the bottle reveals that they buy their CBD compound from Isodial, which is not a MLM but a wholesaler. Therefore, Club 8 is a “middleman” and just tacking on their price to the product. 

Club 8 is Isodial and its commissions are also low at 20% paid on the first level. You can get a bottle of Club 8 CBD Oil for 500 MG for $34.99 and it is apparently free to join. I don’t know if there is a certain BV requirement each month to receive commissions for 2023 so you will have to do your due diligence in that area of this top CBD MLM company. 

Pros: It is inexpensive to get started with this MLM company which is always helpful for network marketers on a budget. 

Cons: There are low commissions on cannabinoids sales. There is also questionable management and turnover in this network marketing business.

5. Hempworx & My Daily Choice 

Hempworx by My Daily Choice was launched nearly 5 years ago now with a huge splash in the MLM space. My Daily Choice experienced a 1000% growth rate within 3 months of launching which caused some initial delays in shipment and customer support. But, they are in the full swing of things now and I enjoy their pure CBD Oil. You can get a 500 MG bottle of Hempworx pure CBD Oil drops for $69, plus a one-time activation fee of $25. MDC commissions are the largest in the MLM industry at 30% to 50% on first time orders in 2023. 

Pros: This MLM biz offers great marketing tools. They also have the highest commissions in CBD oil industry. 

Cons: The network marketing option is relatively new. Shipping times can also be slow for some CBD products. 

6. Prime My Body 

Everyone is talking about Prime My Body MLM. They have a flashy website with a flashy CEO and they want you to change your “lifestyle” by joining them. Beyond the Prime My Body Hype, they offer one 50 mL bottle and four 10 mL sample bottles of CBD Oil for $239 (that is not including the $39 activation fee.) Commissions are also low for this CBD MLM company, a flat 25% rate paid on first time orders no matter what your rank in 2023. 

Pros: Fancy marketing is apparent in this network marketing opportunity. Top-notch management makes them one of the best cannabidiol MLM businesses to join. 

Cons: They have some of the lowest commissions in the MLM industry. This MLM company also has very expensive products and autoships required.

7. Isodial 

Isodial MLM offers CBD powder isolate, but they are not a network marketing company technically speaking, more of an affiliate sales structure. This top cannabis MLM business is growing fast. It is still worth looking into this cannabidiol company though for 2023!

8. CTFO 

Change the Future Outcome aka Chew the Fat Off CTFO is the new kid on the block in the MLM industry, at least with their new CBD Oil line. The company was called Chew the Fat Off but is now Change the Future Outcome. They offer an affordable CBD Oil for I think $47 dollars and their comp plan is a patented forced matrix. Commissions are around 20% for this top cannabinoid MLM company in 2023.

9. CBD Pure 

CBD Pure isn't a pure network marketing company, although they have a generous 40% affiliate referral program, so that is on one time sales, no residual income aspect like with MLM. CBD Pure is out of Europe, but they have a store in Vancouver, Washington. Their CBD Oil is made in Denmark and they have grown rapidly since their debut. Look into joining this growing cannabinoids company for potent profits!

10. HempMeds 

Hempmeds CBD is a company based out of California. They are not by definition a network marketing company, but do have a 15% affiliate sales program for 2023. It is a top CBD oils company option for motivated direct sellers and affiliate marketers. This hemp oil direct selling company deserves your attention as a smart network marketer!

11. Elixinol 

Elixinol is out of Colorado and is not technically a CBD Oil MLM. However, they have a strong CBD affiliate program that pays 10% on the first level, and 3% on the second level for 2023, so it is worth mentioning as a CBD oil MLM alternative for affiliate marketers. In 2023 Elixinol could be one of the top cannabidiol MLM businesses in the industry!

12. Trevo

Trevo was one of the top MLM companies for CBD oil and nutritional supplements for 2022. Join their company to make major network marketing profits selling powerful products. Unfortunately they have dealt with a few lawsuits as of late so you might want to think twice before joining this MLM company. Do your due diligence before signing up to join this CBD oils MLM company in 2023 and 2024.

13. Vasayo 

Vasayo is another top MLM company that sells CBD oil products. They have a strong herbal product line, have been around for several years, and offer strong compensation plans for network marketers. Vasayo might be the right CBD oil MLM business for you to join to cash in on cannabidiol in 2022 and 2023. 

14. Arieyl

Arieyl is one of the hottest new CBD MLM companies of 2023. Co-founders Kristen and Travis Butler have been top MLM earners in their previous companies and wanted to launch a new age network marketing business. So far they have succeeded, with over 25,000 downline MLM team members recruited to independently distribute their top-notch cannabidiol product line with strong compensation packages. Give Arieyl a look for high profit potential while cashing in on CBD in 2023. 

15. Cannaceuticals 

Cannaceuticals is a skincare and anti-aging CBD oil MLM company that has an upscale product offering. Their CBD creams and lotions are organic, non-GMO, non-toxic, and THC free. It is a top CBD MLM company to consider joining if you have a high-end audience to sell to or recruit with in 2023. 

16. Herbalife 

Herbalife has always been one of the best MLM businesses in the world, despite dealing with all of the obstacles network marketing companies face. And now with their recent re-launch, they have added CBD oil dietary supplements and cannabidiol skincare products to their already established line. Their hemp balm and CBD gummies are top-notch.  Herbalife is far from being a new MLM company, but the addition of CBD oil products is a smart move for their corporate and distributor success in 2023. 

Herbalife is one of the best positioned MLM companies entering the 2023 economy with a good reputation and existing sales network. Just because it is not new and flashy doesn't mean it isn't the right network marketing company to join for success. And their stock still has a very high market cap despite shorts against it.

17. Amway 

That is correct, old-school Amway now has CBD products! Amway MLM has premium CBD skin cream, facial oils, and hydrators. They don't appear to have ingestable canndibiol products, but they have still quietly jumped on the cannabinoids bandwagon with their massive network marketing and direct selling reach. It is hard to go wrong with Amway if you stick to the multi-level marketing basics.

18. Market America 

Market America, like Herbalife and Amway, have also jumped on the CBD oil product bandwagon for their MLM company. Market America, also known as Shop.com for their online products, offers hemp oil and Pet CBD. While they have a minimal cannabidiol product offering, it is better than nothing for Market America reps looking to expand into CBD sales. Market America is still a powerful MLM business that can generate major money making. 

19. Le-Vel

With over 40 years of combined experience in the wellness and health industry, founders of Le-Vel multi-level marketing knew what it took to create a successful and productive company. This company aims to help people commit to living a healthier lifestyle that is at a higher level of nutrition and success. Seeking to help people strive towards breaking into the next and bigger level of their life, Le-Vel offers products that can guide people to live a healthier and more successful life

Top CBD MLM Company Honorable Mention: QuiAri 

QuiAri is headquartered out of Florida, and as you can see they launched their company in 2019 with 2 million in revenue to start. In 2020, they just blew that out of the water with 35 million, and in 2021, they did 50 million. They continue to grow rapidly in 2023 as well. So that is a difference of 43% growth in one year, so that is one of the fastest climbing MLM companies. The estimated commission payout for them is around $30 million annually, and commissions paid out 2 million a month and 500,000 per week paid out. 

They offer them Acai Berry or CBD supplements, and it is a very powerful antioxidant, and what makes this company stand out amongst the rest is that they have an Instant Pay Plan. Alright, so if I go down here, there are seven ways to earn fast start customer bonus team bonus, speed bonus matching bonus lifestyle bonus and more for 2023. If you look at the compensation plan it says right at the top, the world’s first and only five minute pay plan. So instant commissions are yours in this top MLM business opportunity. They do have an e wallet that is available in 200 countries. This company is available in 200 countries and that is probably why they are growing so fast. 

They also have a complete marketing system and landing pages and auto auto follow up system for all your leads, all built into one system and that’s the way I like it.

More Of The Best MLM Businesses Selling CBD Oil 

Aside from these top MLM companies with cannabinoid products, there are some other great multi-level marketing and direct selling options out there to examine. Here are even more top MLM companies selling CBD products:

- Dose Of Nature
- CBD Pure
- 5 Linx 
- LivePure
- Nutritional High
- Zilis 
- Prime My Body 
- Morinda 
- Relive 
- Cannergrow 
- Pure
- Aquavita 
- Isoderm

There are more new MLM CBD businesses launching each month, so keep your eyes open for new network marketing opportunities in 2023. 

Now Is The Time So Join A Network Marketing Company For 2023

Now is the time to start an online or hybrid home business like CBD MLMs. Hundreds of thousands of people are joining a top network marketing company in the hemp or cannabis sector or looking for one to join every month around the world. Globally, network marketing is nearly a $1 trillion dollar a year industry. What is exciting about the cannabidiol network marketing business model is that more and more corporations are switching over and using it. It is a great, efficient way to distribute CBD oil products and services by using word-of-mouth, rather than expensive advertising that isn’t as effective as it used to be. No one wants to be sold anymore by a loud annoying voice on radio or TV, and it is very annoying listening to traditional radio with commercials in 2023 when you have been spoiled with satellite radio, streaming, or on demand digital music. 

The laptop and smartphone entrepreneur movement is exploding with digital nomads getting rich from home or while traveling in 2023 selling hemp CBD products. As the economy grows more uncertain and being bossed around at a job seems a little outdated for the new information era, people are turning to the Internet, and their laptops, to make money. Becoming a CBD oil network marketer has many benefits, but one of the greatest is being able to work from a laptop or even cell phone from anywhere in the world where there is internet access. 

When you join a CBD oil product MLM, you are given a personal website and maybe some lead generation pages or tools to promote any way you like. You are also given a control panel or dashboard where you can see the activity of your MLM business. I love online analytics and every day I can view how many hits my capture pages are getting for direct selling, network marketing, and affiliate sales. These landing pages and analytics dashboards are your tools for CBD MLM success in the new digital age of network marketing.

Join A Top MLM CBD Companies For 2023-2024 

Out of this list of top network marketing companies, My Club 8 is the least expensive CBD MLM company to join, but My Daily Choice has the highest commissions. You decide which of these top MLM companies you should join depending on your preferences. Forget about investing in hit-or-miss pot stocks or massive cost marijuana dispensaries, join the best MLM businesses selling CBD oil in 2023 instead!

Of course, you can find many CBD Oil wholesalers and get CBD Oil for less money, but I am a full-time network marketer and make my living from home. The best network marketing companies do tend to tack on a little more to the price of their cannabinoid products, but you have to remember that you are basically purchasing a home business with the potential to make unlimited income in 2024. 

Cannabidiol Company Cash Conclusion

When it comes to joining an MLM company or starting a business, choosing a top CBD network marketing venture is the way to go. Think how expensive it is to run a traditional brick and mortar business or cannabis dispensary. You have a lease, pay employees, pay utilities, merchandise and repair bills along with cannabinoids product payments. The paperwork, risks, and insurance are huge expenses and headaches with cannabinoid selling that isn't under a multi-level marketing umbrella!

That is not the case with a CBD oil MLM company! With hemp network marketing or affiliate sales / direct selling, you can make more than a traditional business from your home for under $100 a month in 2023! You can't beat that business opportunity with today's inflation prices. Now get out there and succeed masterfully in MLM in 2023 and 2024! 

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