4 Top Tips To Improve Your International Email Marketing

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Why Professional Translation Of Your Email Marketing Is Recommended 

Email marketing is a form of digital marketing that allows you as a small business to easily contact your subscribers about your new products or services, promotions and special offers, updates and newsletters etc. Although it is often not seen as exciting as marketing via social media, email marketing has many advantages; it is free, immediate, allows two-way communication, provides direct contact to your subscribers and as such to those who already have an interest in your business and for these many reasons email marketing can often give you a great return on your investment. 

In our increasingly internet-connected world, many businesses regardless of size operate in global markets. Is this the case for your business? If so, it is likely that you have multilingual subscribers. But is your international email marketing as effective as it could be? Are you communicating with your subscribers as well as you could be? Here are four suggestions to improve your email marketing to multilingual subscribers. 

Get Your Email Marketing Translated 

Are you providing your email marketing in the appropriate languages of your subscribers? If so, is the quality of any translation up to scratch or are you relying on machine translation? For more effective email marketing it is a good idea to get your email messages professionally translated. Professional translation ensures that your email marketing is translated correctly both in terms of content and in terms of grammar, spelling and punctuation. A great grammar checker works wonders.

It is also important to bear in mind that often language used in publicity and advertising cannot be translated literally, such as idioms and alliteration, which could make no sense in a machine translation. Linguation.com is an online translation agency offering professional translation of your email marketing at affordable prices. 

Get Your Email Marketing Localized 

As well as different languages, countries have different cultures and norms. Professional translations should ensure that any email marketing is suited to the local needs and expectations of the target country. This is called localization. Linguation.com will assign a translator skilled in localization to your email marketing. For this reason, Linguation.com will ensure that your translator has cultural knowledge of the target country. It is important to note that the culture and expectations in Spanish- speaking Mexico is very different to the culture and expectations in Spain and your translated email marketing should reflect this when needed. Linguation.com selects translators based on their knowledge of the target country, not just the target language. 

Keep Email Marketing Short And Concise 

Email marketing is usually more effective if it is short, concise and to the point. This is true in any language. We all tend to get a lot of emails and people generally want to be able to scan the message and quickly glean the main points. It is also a good idea to keep the subject clear and make sure it is not misleading, as this may annoy and put off potential customers and make them unsubscribe from your email marketing. Linguation.com offers translation of texts regardless of length, even shorter messages. 

Consider The Timing Of Your International Email Marketing 

There is research to suggest that the time you send your email marketing may impact on its effectiveness. You need to also consider different time zones for this reason. Your professional translator should be able to provide guidance on the time zones of your target audience. Moreover, the timing of your email marketing may be important especially regarding special offers or promotions. Linguation.com can offer fast translation; that is, the agency will work with you to provide a quick turnaround for your urgent translation needs. This should help ensure that your email marketing is sent out at the optimum time. 

More information about professional translation at Linguation.com may be found at: https://www.linguation.com/en/

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