How To Bulk Install WordPress Plugins

how to bulk install wordpress plugins wp reset

Starting a new website from scratch is already a stressful situation. Even if you have one already up and running and have already done the process once. It still can give you quite a headache, and no medicine can help you with this kind. 

Therefore, being in the WordPress business, you probably have some favorite plugins and themes. Those are the tools that you trust and don't want to risk with some new ones. They already have proven to be of good quality and of good use, and if something is working, then do not change it. 

That's fair, but the process of installing one by one can be dull and time-consuming. You will need to unzip the plugins, enter the license key, activate them, and so on. It is a long process. 

We get it- no one has time for that and that time can be spent in a much better way. 

What if we told you that you can do a bulk installation of your favorite tools? Like, you can install them all at once with just one click. That's possible with one tool by the name of WP Reset. 

WP Reset – The Hero Without A Cape! 

It is a tool that will ease your installation process by a mile! It has a collection feature where you can put your plugins and themes. And you can put however of them you want - there is no limit. 

That way, when you click install and activate in that collection, all of your plugins will be installed by the WordPress Reset plugin. You can easily spend that time with your close ones on a lunch date while this tool takes charge. 

You can also make as many collections as you want. Once you create your collections, you can use them on any site of yours. There is no need to create them over and over again. The reason behind that is because they are patiently waiting for you in the cloud. 

We all know the trouble of saving the license keys. Sometimes we forget where we hide them. It is like a treasure hunt when you want to find them. 

But the hunt is over because you can save them in your collections. And, no worries, they will be encrypted. 

Besides, this rock star also helps you go back in time. Let's say you updated a plugin, and your site isn't working anymore. There is no need for a breakdown and trying to figure out what went on. 

It can happen for various reasons. The newly updated plugin is not working with the rest of the tools, or the plugin is outdated. 

That's why when choosing a plugin, always check if they do updates regularly and do you get the needed support for it. That will tell you if the plugin is worth being on your site! 

Even if you install a brand-new plugin that you found, things can go downhill pretty quickly. 

Simply with just one click, go back to the moment where everything was okay. It's like having your own little time machine. 

That is because this tool creates snapshots before any huge change that you make. Before you update the plugin, any activation or deactivation, there will be a snapshot taken. 

You can take as many snapshots as you want - no limit here. And restoring them takes only one click. Besides, you do not need to worry about the size of those snapshots. They take up about 3MB of your space, and the old ones are going straight to the trash bin. 

Nevertheless, since you can install all of your plugins at once, you can also erase everything with one button. The nuclear reset button lets you delete everything off your site - not a single crumb will be left on the site. 

That is because when you install a theme that you like, they bring additional and unnecessary files with it. Hit the button for nuclear reset, and everything will be gone in 30 seconds. 

Now, this is a solution for anyone who is looking to start fresh with their website. There is nothing better than to have a tool that is this versatile. It helps you install all at once and delete everything at once. 

One other thing that is a fear of every website owner is the White screen of death. That is when nothing works on your site - you can't even access the admin panel. That is a huge problem for sure, but it is a piece of cake if you have WP Reset. 

WP Reset offers an Emergency Recovery tool that is a standalone script. It is independent of any WP files. That's the reason why it will always work and why you will be able to fix the white screen. 

It is pretty much an easy process, you will need to open it via a secure link, and it will help you get your site up like a pro! With this in your back pocket, you and your customers will never again have a fear of a white screen. 


As said before, installing your favorite 10, 20, or even 30 plugins on your WordPress website or blog can be a long process. Not only long but a boring one too. Let WP Reset take your work out of your hands and sit back and relax. 

Your plugins are like your employees - you need to take good care of them. If they mess up, you need someone to fix it up. And right there and then, WP reset will come in flying like a superhero and take you back to the time where your plugin was working fine.

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