How Misspelled Words Can Help SEO

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Getting organic traffic to your website blog with SEO (search engine optimization) is hard, especially in the beginning. You have to play around in Google's sandbox for weeks, months, or even years before your site or articles can really start ranking high enough. And it doesn't get much easier after that thanks to an increasingly more competitive digital marketplace. Here’s one unorthodox trick to get your website an edge in the SERPs game. 

Mistaken Misspellings Can Make Money

My name is Erik Christian Johnson. Someone misspelled my first name recently, which happens quite often. They added a “c” to “Erik” and that led me to think about all the traffic I could get from people searching for the “Erick” misspelling online instead of “Erik”. 

I then took this a step further and typed in some misspelled words into Keyword Planner to see how many monthly searches some of these words got. I was surprised to find out that “Profet” which is obviously “Profit” had over 2 million monthly searches! Not many people want to spell things wrong, especially on their blogs but imagine the potential. I then looked up the second misspelled word in my title’s post, which is “Mispelling” which correctly is spelled “Misspelling.” Again, I typed the keyword into keyword planner and was surprised to see 290,000 monthly searches. 

We all know that sometimes we’re in a hurry and just quickly type something into Google search or we truly misspell things, no big deal, but I think this is an overlooked goldmine. But, won’t that make my blog look bad? No. What you do is hook your readers in with the misspelling, then you can go on to to tell them that you purposely misspelled the word, for whatever reason you wish. 

The third misspelled word, “Thang” in my title had over 300,000 searches a month. Add these three words up in monthly searches and you have 2.6 million searches a month. 2.6 million potential readers if your post title is catchy enough. There are tons of misspelled words and grammatical errors searched that relate to your hobby or business. This is a great tool to possibly hook in extra readers that your blog normally wouldn’t get. 

And the more organic traffic your website or blog gains, the more money you can make.

Why Bother With Major Misspellings And Grammar Gaffes?

But why would you want these types of visitors, aren’t these people illiterate? Why would I want them signing up for my business offer? The Internet is not a beauty pageant. You simply want people to buy your products or services. There are plenty of rich people that can’t spell or write correctly too! Or English may not be their first language. Imagine how many international visitors you will get if you consider this underutilized SEO tactic

People perform over 100 Billion searches on Google alone each month, and Google isn’t the only search engine. There are dozens more that can benefit your website or blog like Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, DuckDuckGo, and Yandex with each of them having at least slightly different algorithms. Search results with incorrect spelling and grammar might actually rank higher in certain searches.

Fish Finder

Look at it this way: You are a fisherman and you have many crab pots in the water, but so do 42 other crab fishermen. Then, one day you go somewhere where all the other fisherman stay away from because the water is too shallow. But, little do they know that your boat only goes down 4 inches into the water. Also, shallow water is warmer, which crabs love. You take the risk and sneak over there. Within an hour, your crab pot is full, you black hat search engine optimization fisherman you! 

If you don’t like crabs or don’t want to hurt anything living, imagine something else that no one wants to do, but you can benefit from, like writing everyday in a blog! Not many people blog everyday, but the ones who do usually have huge amounts of traffic and are making a killing. Being successful today on the internet with blogging means being clever and thinking ahead in the search engine optimization realm. 

Don't Go Too Overboard On Errors 

Just because the unintentional or intentional misspelling or grammatical error could benefit your website SEO, don't overuse this technique. If Google or other search engines see a consistent pattern of misspelled words or grammar errors, they could assume that your content quality if very low, translated directly from a foreign language post (duplicate content), or a spun article (big no-no). 

Google might even consider your misspellings to be deliberate black hat SEO tactics and rank it lower. So keep things in check overall with this forgotten search engine optimization tactic.

This blog post may have a few misspellings and grammar problems on purpose and/or by accident!

Use A Unique SEO Strategy

Look around, there’s tons of people putting a unique twist on old styles and tastes in SEO. Speaking of tastes, look at all the weird combinations of ingredients the Chefs on “Chopped” create. Who would think Sage went with Gummy Bears! So, be creative anyway you can. There’s always more room on the internet for your creative genius, so apply it to your search engine optimization with an open mind.

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