3 Main Types Of Digital Marketing Strategies

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Did you know that according to Pew Research, the use of the internet among adults has increased by over 30% in the last 3 years? The way people shop or search for products and services has changed the whole scenario of shopping, especially in the last couple of years. 

Moreover, businesses have come a long way from the typical brick-and-mortar stores to online to sell their products and services. If these stores are still available, they have adapted digital marketing strategies to advertise their products and services and reach out to as many customers as they can. 

In short, they are all trying to make the best use of digital marketing either through content marketing like a guest posting service or through email marketing. 

What Is Digital Marketing? 

Digital marketing means selling products and services with the help of social media, SEO, mobile apps, and emails. Briefly, it is described as any marketing that involves electronic devices. Furthermore, both online and offline stores are significant for a versatile digital marketing strategy. 

3 Main Types Of Digital Marketing 

Here is the rapid rundown of the most significant categories of digital marketing and how it helps in marketing strategy. 

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

The process of SEO involves enhancing the website to rank higher in SERPs. It is the best way to generate organic traffic to your website and drive maximum sales. Numerous ways are used to drive traffic with the help of SEO

● On-Page SEO- The content that exists on the page of the website is known as On- Page SEO. 

● Off-Page SEO- The type of SEO that looks into the content taking place outside your website is known as Off-Page SEO. Off-page SEO such as guest posting is the best option for link building strategy. 

2. Content Marketing 

Content Marketing involves creating content to produce brand awareness, developing leads, and drive organic traffic and growth. Content Marketing in itself is a vast term and involves strategies such as: 

Blog Posts - A business writes a blog post to give information about their products and services to the customers and build trust among them. It can be done either by publishing it on your very own website or through a guest posting service. It provides the sales team with the opportunity to convert visitors into leads and helps in backlink link building

Infographics - Sometimes, instead of delivering information in detail, readers like to get information briefly. It can be achieved through infographics. It is considered one of the best visual content that helps visitors in visualizing the content. 

Video - If a picture is worth a thousand words in marketing, then a video is worth even more. Video marketing has become an increasingly essential part of every company's digital marketing strategy 

Audio - Podcasts, audiobooks, and internet radio are also increasingly effective mediums for digital marketing

3. Social Media Marketing 

Social media marketing (SMM) has become more powerful than ever before. SMM is not just about posting pretty pictures or clunky clickbait. Businesses use them to promote the brand and content on social media channels to increase brand awareness, drive traffic, and generate more leads for the organization. The social media platforms that are beneficial for the said purposes are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Reddit, Quora, and Pinterest. 

More Digital Marketing Mastery

Apart from these three significant types of digital marketing, there are yet other categories or sub-categories like Pay-Per-Click, Affiliate marketing, mobile app marketing, Email Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Influencer Marketing, SEM, and many more. By using them accurately, you will definitely get success in your digital marketing strategy even with market changes.

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