Making Your Office Conducive To Productivity

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Millions of people around the world are going back to the office. Things have changed. We’ve been working from home. Productivity didn’t suffer and now office managers are thinking about new ways to make your office more conducive to efficiency and productivity. Luckily there are a lot of ways to do this and we have learned a lot over the last 18 months. Whether you are going back to work or starting a startup business

Below are a few ways you can make your office a more productive and efficient environment. 

Desk vs. Workstation 

One of the most pivotal parts of your office is the desk. Nowadays desks go beyond what you conventionally think of. An office workstation can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. You can get a U-shaped desk or an L-shaped desk. While it depends on what you do at your job, how many monitors you need, and how much space you need for other tools, there is no reason to continue working on something less than excellent. Make your space exactly what you want it to be. When you go back to the office after working from home for this long, you should make sure your desk is exactly what you need it to be. 

Amenities In The Room 

While work is work, you should keep amenities in your room. A coffee maker is a must. What about tea? Soft drinks? You won’t have to leave the room for every cup. What about a mini fridge or a microwave? Do you want to make your lunch in your room? What else do you want in your room to make you more productive? Since we’ve all been working at home, we have pretty much everything we wanted when we wanted it. Taking quick breaks to make a cup of coffee actually does a lot for your efficiency. When you return to the office, you should do whatever you need to do to make your space more enjoyable and therefore productive. 

Use Technology 

What do you need to do to make your job better? Would having a tablet in the room make your job easier? If you could use multiple monitors, use as many as you need. What about interactive white boards? The chances are, if you can think of a gadget or a way to improve your workflow, the tool likely exists. Use whatever you need to make your work easier and improve your ability to do your job. One of the best things you can do is invest in yourself. Buy the technology that will help you make more money by excelling at your job. 

Make It Comfortable 

One of the most important things in the office is your desk chair. You are sitting in it so many hours a day. That’s why you should invest in the chair that you use. It is essential to support your back and make your body comfortable—but not too comfortable. It’s a delicate balance. Comfort is important when it comes to being able to work hard. You should also keep a chair or two for anyone who wants to come to your office to talk to you. Finally, you should decorate your office. Make it your own. Photos of your family and friends might motivate you. You should make your office as comfortable as possible


You might think that lighting doesn’t matter, but it does. Your office should be bright enough that you stay alert and awake to work, the light should be soft. Buy a good lamp with good bulbs. Your lighting is important. If it is too dark, you might feel sleepy. If it’s too bright, your eyes will begin to hurt. Between your screens and your lighting, you should take care of your eyes with good lighting. 


When you go back to the office, making the effort to create a comfortable and productive space will pay off. You will be able to get more done and move forward with your projects more quickly. As we all return to the office, things have changed. We will likely be able to work in a more homely type environment, where we can make ourselves comfortable. When you curate your surroundings, you will be able to get more work done.

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