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The computer has already become a significant part of our life since we work using a computer, watch TV-shows on it instead of TV, play games and the most important use the Internet. As you might have noticed, the internet is fulfilled with strange website and viruses. In order to protect your computer from interruption followed by deleting of all the files, you need to protect it. Today, there is only one way to do it. Just install an antivirus program. However, it is not that simple because most people are confused about one question what is better free or paid antivirus programs to protect your computer and devices. In this post, I will try to show you the best representatives of free ones and prove you that paid one is not always the best one. 

1) Nano Antivirus 

Developed by a Russian company. 

The Advantages Include: 

1. Free commercial use of this program. In other words, it is possible to use it on one of many computers. I refer this one to advantages since not all the antivirus programs allow commercial using of their product. 

The Disadvantages Include: 

1. The installer itself takes a lot of space and if you are the owner of a big company and you have to install this program on at least forty personal computers. It will be very long. 

2. Currently, this antivirus program is in the beta testing, there is no release yet. 

3. After the installation, the scan of the system starts and takes almost 70% of the operation memory and slows the operation speed of a personal computer. 

4. The program itself uses 7% of the operation memory and for the background program is it actually a lot. 

Considering protective properties, I will not discuss them. Since all these programs are approximately on the same level. Anything dangerous or unusual on the personal computer will be immediately found and extinguished. That’s why we won’t try to test all these programs because all the results will be different and you won’t be able to rely on that simple because all the viruses are continuously modified and updated. In this review, the most important parameters are the speed and usability of a program. That’s why, according to my experience, users should rely exactly on these characteristics since they are most valuable in case of antivirus programs. 

2) Comodo Antivirus 

Comodo is a serious company that occupies a leading position in the IT security market. Therefore, it is impossible to dismiss their software. 

As well as with the previous program this company allows commercial use of the program. So, if you are an IT administrator of a huge company I would like to recommend you this one. 

Concerning this antivirus program, it takes twice less space than the previous one, only 220 Mb. But unlike Nano it starts installing some viruses database that takes 300 Mb. When you scan the system, it uses approximately the same capacity of the operation memory as the previous one. But as a background program, it is almost invisible to the users. Also, it has a more convenient and beautiful interface that might be a significant advantage for most of the people. 

Thus, if you are looking for a well-operating and free antivirus program, especial for the commercial use, you should not disregard Comodo Antivirus. 

3) Avast 

Well, it's probably the most propagated one among free antivirus software. You probably might have heard about it. Yes, this is the most famous free antivirus. However, there are both commercial and personal versions of Avast. But those who decided to install this program might have noticed an offer to install paid version. This is one of the strongest disadvantages of this program since it literally too bothersome. Moreover, most of the users download it only because they don't know any other options as well as I did long time ago. In my opinion, this is a serious problem which might people from convenient using their personal computers. 

However, despite this disadvantage this program is rather good and requires much less operation memory that all the previous ones even in the course of scanning and causes almost no influence on other software and the personal computer itself. 

Well, if you need an antivirus program for the commercial use, you can’t use a free version of Avast since it is intended only for personal computers. Well, it is only small chance that you will have problems with it installing it on multiple computers so it is only up to you. 

4) 360 Internet Security 

It was developed by the Chinese company Qihoo 360 Technology. Definitely, it is one of the best products among free antivirus software. Despite propagated myth about the quality of Chinese products, this one is definitely worth your attention being one of the best of its kind thanks to the characteristics and other general properties. 

This is a suitable program for all the users and let me explain you why. It is very fast, I mean, comparing with all the previous programs, it is the fastest one. After the installation you can literally forget about this program since as well as Avast it does not influence other programs and a personal computer though it consumes the same amount of operation memory. 

Well, it is hard to consider its protective qualities but it was tested multiple times. As the result 360 Internet Security is able to detect and destroy most of the viruses in the database comparing with other antivirus software. 

With regard to all the above-mentioned benefits, it is difficult to single out any disadvantages since the program works very well and fits perfectly both for commercial and personal use. If you ask me, I would install this antivirus program even if it had only Chinese interface. 

5) Immunet Free Antivirus 

In my opinion, this is the best representative among free antivirus programs. The program Immunet 3 is made on the basis of ClamWin, which in turn is nothing more than a port ClamAV antivirus. ClamAV was originally created for antivirus protection of email and all the files attached to emails on the server. This antivirus focuses on cloud technology. By the way, all the above-mentioned antiviruses have this function. However, it plays the most significant role for Immunet. Thus, it can't work offline so for the correct operation of this program the users should have the internet connection. Otherwise, you need to either buy a version of Immunet Plus, or choose another antivirus. 

Briefly about functional advantages. It requires far less resources than all the previous antiviruses programs and as well as most of them do not influence other programs and a personal computer. Commercial use of this software is also available. Despite the fact that Immunet is not able to scan the system, if you will install it on the viruses-free computer it will easily protect it from all the outside danger. 

Awesome Antivirus

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to shorten this list to three or two representatives since all the above-mentioned computer programs have their own benefits and disadvantages that might seem significant for one and insignificant for another. You may rely on this information or conduct a test yourself and check which one fits you the most. However, I would like to recommend Immunet since it causes no inconveniences for the user and is able to protect your computer from almost any virus. 

Author Melisa Marzett is very interested in your protection from internet danger. Actually, she is a freelance writer working on homework writer. You definitely notice it. Follow this link if you need such kind of service or any other writing help. I think, she will gladly help you.

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