The Miniature Cybersecurity Guide

mini cybersecurity guide cybersec outlines protect company data

We live in a digital world. Digital devices and networks are a big part of our work life and personal life. You can connect with your loved one or run an online business through an internet connection. 

Yes, it is that easy! 

Unfortunately, the data on digital devices or the internet is exceptionally vulnerable to malicious attacks. 

Did you know that cyber-attacks in 2019 have cost up to $2 trillion and could go up to $6 trillion by 2021? 

Hence cybersecurity is crucial; it helps make the digital world more secure and well-ordered. You can get cybersecurity services from a cybersecurity company

Let's start with the basics. For instance: 

What Is Cybersecurity? 

Cybersecurity deals with protecting data, hardware, and software shared across a network or the internet. If they're left unprotected, they will be vulnerable to cyber-attacks. 

Hackers threaten everyone, may it be a big organization's network, government systems, and a common man's laptop. 

Different Types Of Cyber-Attacks 

There are two categories of cyber-attacks one is a data breach, and the other is sabotage. The data breach means that all information on the system will be in someone visible to the hacker. Meanwhile, sabotage could mean that the hacker plans to harm the company's reputation. For instance, hackers could send all the company's customer's bogus messages, which will damage their reputation. Both entail heavy losses and problems for a company or an individual. 

If you are to fight against these cyber security dangers, you should first know what they are and what they can do. 

1. Phishing 

In this cyber-attacks person gets an email, which looks official. The email has a company logo, professional language, and an exciting offer. The email compels the email-receiver to click on the link that has been attached to the email. If the email receiver clicks on the link, the cybercriminal will have access to all the data present on the email receiver's laptop/desktop. 

2. Man In The Middle (MITM) 

In this a 3rd person, i.e., the cyber-attacks will put themselves between two different networks. By doing this, they can view all information that is present on the victim's laptop.  This attack usually happens when someone connects their computer to a public Wi-Fi network. The criminal can now easily insert themselves and view all the data present on the individual's computer. The criminals in this situation always remain undetected. 

3. Socially Engineered 

This cyber-attack is an advanced form of a phishing attack in which the hacker divulges into the individual's personal life, often portraying themselves as friends. With the personal information obtained, they email the individual's family, friends, or relatives asking them for money. 

4. Malware 

Malware is malicious software, also known as spyware, Trojans, and viruses. They enter a network when an individual downloads suspicious software or clicks on unknown links. Once the malware has gained entrance into the system, it can manipulate or copy all the data. In some cases, the malware locks the data; the hacker then blackmails the company to pay a ransom to get their data back. 

Be On The Lookout For Other Cyber Attacks

These are only some of the attacks you are liable to when on a network. The cyber-attacks are increasing; every other day, there is a new piece about how a company's system got breached. Even CIA and Facebook systems got hacked. So you are not safe. 

The government has taken actions like making laws on cybercrime and taking in expert opinions to fight hackers. The reality is that cybercrime is not going down and will grow. Hence you must get an excellent cybersecurity system from a cybersecurity company—a small expenditure to save millions.

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