How Parents Inspire Our Businesses: Lessons From Dad

how parents inspire our business marketing dad influence

If you’re doing business online, you probably have a story of being inspired by your father. Here’s, How did your Dad Inspire your Marketing? Growing up in Newport Beach, California, my parents loved to sail. My dad had spent five years building our first sailboat in the backyard, and then a second one in two years later on. He named the sailboat after my mom, which was clever marketing right there! dad business It always amazed me that he built a huge sailboat in our tiny backyard in the suburbs of Southern California. 

We eventually moved to Washington State and I remember the whole family being sick upon arriving and throwing up in the motel. We eventually got a house and my dad went off to work. I didn’t know what his work was for a while until I watched my mom and dad build risers for the new heavy equipment he would be renting out. It was his first business, which took a lot of courage for trying out a new business in a new town. Later I realized that he had planned out what the town needed and provided that service, that of equipment for contractors who needed to build homes, since the area was booming with development. Are you supplying a service your clients truly need? 

My father's business went on to be pretty successful, but he always kept it small enough to run it by himself and my mom. He went to work 6 days a week for over 20 years. Even when there was no business and he was depressed, probably from my grades! Are you surviving the slow times in your business? He raised a family and maintained a house and cars and restoring cars and yard work on Sundays. He was driven to succeed and I never heard him complain or cry about going to work. He just did it and got the job done day after day. 

A few years later, he made a more adventurous move and opened up an old-fashioned soda fountain that served malts and Banana Splits. working at soda fountain He bought old equipment around the West coast and restored all of it back to mint condition. 

He believed in giving the best and had high quality ice cream and espresso. When he opened it to the public there was a line around the block. 

It made him so nervous, because he wanted to provide everyone the best service possible, that he couldn’t sleep at night. My mom and dad worked 16 hours a day working the soda fountain. My mom scooped the ice cream and my dad washed the dishes. They did what it took. 

Eventually they sold it and the new owners immediately brought in cheap ice cream and espresso. My dad wanted the best, even if the profit margin wasn’t the best. 

He believed the customer should have a completely unique experience and experience a 50’s style soda fountain in the best manner possible. 

Are you providing the best service possible? My dad knew what worked and it seemed like he knew it all along, even though I never saw him studying or reading business books. Apparently he got his Associates Degree in Business, but I wasn’t born yet. 

The point is that we learn from our parents. They might have bothered us when we were growing up, but in the end they were probably right all along. What special talents have you learned from your father or mother? And, how has your family helped your business and marketing?

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