4 Ways Emotion Is Used In Advertising

how emotion used in advertising emotional marketing

In our routine life, all human beings are visible to the harshness of several advertising messages from different firm’s every day. Adverting serves the purpose of communicating the idea to the users of different products to their customers. Advertisement always put a psychological effect on the mind of humans. It has been seen that when people see advertisement repeatedly on a daily basis so the message will reside in their mind. Sometimes it has been observed that people memorize the songs and music that usually plays in ads on a daily basis and they found singing the advertisement songs. 

There are some emotional effects of advertisement on the human mind. In given below some main emotional effects of advertisement on the human mind are explaining in four different categories. 

1. Happy 

Brands desire to be related to laughing; smiling to their clients and it has been positively depicted to rise sharing as well as involvement. A research study conducted recently by the most emailed articles published by the New York Times shows that positives emotional ads are shared more by people as compared to negative emotional ads. 

2. Sad 

In the recent last few years it has been seen that as the brands have renowned the fame of the emotional contents, more firms have retained their more focus on the creation of stimulating as well as moving advertisement. 

3. Afraid / Surprised 

It has been seen that many firms use the afraid technique during de-marketing their product, including agencies like KWSB. They always run many advertisements to spread fear among their consumers of the services regarding the shortage of water in the near future just to manage the demand and supply of drinking water in many areas of Karachi. However, when the new products are launch in markets so it has been seen that the firms use the strategy of blind marketing from several days of the product launch in the market. It is one of the most significant and workable strategies to introduce the brand in the market to the customers prior to launch in the market. 

4. Angry / Disgusted 

It has been seen that many academic researchers who are delivering assignment writing services since long have discussed in their research writings that it is better to evade from anger in the advertisement. It is because it is a negative emotion which will happen adverse relationships. However, in many other cases, anger could wake up people and force them to take action. Thus, it is better for the firms not to use negative emotions in advertising. When they do sometimes it results in the worst TV commercials of all time

Embrace Emotion In Advertising If Applicable

Conclusively, it can be said that in Happy, Sad, and Angry Disgusted as well as in Afraid and Surprised mood advertisement is shown to the customers by the firms all over the world. Many firms use the happy emotions strategy in their advertisements it is because they believe that the happy emotions in the advertisement will put positive effects on the consumers and urges the customers to buy the product that is offered by any specific firm in markets all over the world.

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