5 Ways To Earn Advertising Income Online

ways earn advertising income online

We'd all love to earn more consistent revenue through our websites and digital media. Income generated through displaying online ads has been a major staple for many brands and publications for nearly two decades because it is stable income that isn't necessarily dependent on sales (like affiliate marketing or direct sales). Even with the rise of Ad Blockers, display advertising in various forms can still make some serious money for your company. 

Here are some of the top ways to earn advertising revenue online to supplement your digital business: 

5 Methods Of Making Money Online

1) Blogging

One of the easiest and most obvious methods of earning advertising revenue online is through blogging. Most people can set up a free or low cost blog with Google AdSense or WordPress Ads within a week and start earning from impressions and a few clicks here and there. There are premium advertising networks you can also apply for if your content is popular enough, and the earnings for those ads is usually a bit higher. Then you just keep creating consistently valuable content and sharing it on social media to increase your online income from those ads! You can also charge companies individually to display image and text ads to their website on your blog. 

But obviously it's not quite that simple, otherwise everyone would have a blog generating six or seven figures! To generate enough website traffic to earn any sizable income, or to get companies coming to you for paid display ads, it will require some serious search engine optimization expertise. That's where SEO experts at https://ignitedigital.com/ can come in and help your website rank higher in searches on Google and beyond. That means more organic traffic, more advertising impressions, and more profitable clicks from visitors! You need organic traffic because the numbers don't work out if you pay for traffic. 

2) Videos

Similar to blogging, you can also display ads on your video content to earn money. If your company can generate enough views, subscribers (1,000+), and time watched (4,000+ hours), you can become a YouTube Partner and monetize your video with Google AdSense. Your RPM is typically much higher than on an average blog or website. Top YouTubers make 5-7 figures annually just from the AdSense ads alone! You could also charge clients to advertise their services before, during, and/or after each video or in the video description.

3) Mobile Apps

After hustling to promote countless mobile app downloads, you can begin making even more money. If you get enough downloads to your company's mobile app then you can leverage those eyeballs for advertising. You can monetize your mobile application downloads with Mopub by displaying relevant ads to app users. The more impressions and the more clicks on the ads that you display through your app, the more earnings you'll receive! That will give you even more incentive to promote your mobile app and improve its content. 

4) Social Networks

The fourth and final method I'll be discussing here today to earn advertising income online comes in the form of social networks. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram are perfect for sponsored posts / tweets / stories / videos that you can earn from big brands. If you are an influencer on a major social media platform then sponsors will pay to place ads on your video, text, or image content since it will be seen by many of your followers and their followers. You might be able to make $5-$50 per post if you have a moderate following, or up to $500,000 if you are one of the world's top celebrities. 

5. Network Marketing (MLM) 

You could also leverage your online following to start a top MLM business and earn diverse passive revenue streams. There are plenty of great network marketing opportunities out there and the business models are tried and true. They can be a strong compliment to your existing online income sourcese.

Final Words On Making More Money

While there are other methods of earning advertising revenue online, these are some of the most tried and true options. Keep writing and creating quality content. Focus on at least one or two of these platforms and pump up your profits!

I hope you enjoyed this article about ways to earn advertising income online through business blogging, video content production, mobile application ads, and social media influencer marketing.

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