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It is not a secret that almost any company, private or governmental organization, educational institution or any other establishment have their own website. Today, we experience a significant inflow of web development and design necessity due to the fact that almost any activity is conducted via the internet. It is more convenient and less expensive. However, the last feature is rather controversial since in order to create a user-friendly and convenient website you need a bunch of specialists with a certain background necessary to meet your requirement. 

Modern technologies provide all the opportunities for website development. Under modern technologies, I mean certain programs dedicated to web design. However, most of them are dedicated to simple design. These programs are the following: 

• Illustrator (this one fits perfectly for drawing vector illustrations); 
• InDesign (optimal for design and page layout of graphic art); 
• CorelDraw (this one is also suitable for working with vector graphics). 

It is time to examine the major topic of our essay, the best programs for web design and these are as follows: 

• Photoshop 
• Sketch 

Let’s pay attention to each of them to identify their major benefits and flaws to understand which one is better to be used creating your personal website. As you might have noticed, I didn't take into consideration such programs like Axure PR Pro or Balsamiq since they are used only on a certain stage of website development. In other words, those I chose are more general and well-known literally to everyone. 


First of all, this is a perfect program for beginners since its design is rather simple and it has a sufficient number of functions to meet all your needs. There are also online programs like Photoshop but their functions are significantly decreased and it might be used only to process your photos for social media. Let’s consider primal advantages and disadvantages of Photoshop. 


• All the customers have already got used to pdf format (which is the one of Photoshop); so you won’t face any difficulties working as a freelancer compared with Illustrator or CorelDraw formats. 

• There are plenty of theoretical sources of informing including YouTube video that will facilitate mastering Photoshop. Thus, you need to know at least 20% of its functions to use it properly. Thus, as was already mentioned, this program is perfect for the beginners. 

• There are plenty of useful plug-ins, scripts, styles, templates, etc. for Photoshop and in particular for web design. It enables you to work much faster and as the result complete more orders. 


• One of the major disadvantages for most people is that this program is a paid one. Thus, you need to be subscribed monthly to use the whole range of functionality. 

• This program does not provide any updates of functions dedicated to web design. That’s why most users are positive that soon enough it will be substituted by the second nominee on our list called “Sketch”. It provides more opportunities for web designers to elaborate more developed websites. 


This problem is also rather propagated these days but this one is mostly dedicated to the design of interfaces (although, this program is not limited by this very task). However, you can use it only if you are the happy owner of MacBook. Moreover, this program can be used only by experienced designed due to the following reasons: 

• It is rather difficult to master this program if you encounter web design for the first time. The first attempts will be awkward due to the lack of experience and knowledge as well. 

• As was already mentioned, in order to use this program one should buy MacBook which might seem rather expensive for the web designer beginner. 

Since I possess only general knowledge in the field of website design I can't provide an objective evaluation of both these programs to find out which one is the best. As you can see each one has certain pros and cons for both beginners and experienced designers. Anyway, it is better to work with paid programs since gratuitous ones are rather undeveloped to perform the required operations. 

However, on the basis of this essay one may conclude that Photoshop fits perfectly for the beginners while Sketch is perfect software for the experienced designers. 

Melisa Marzett is an experienced writer eager to use her skills to write interesting essays on various topics. Currently, she works as a freelance writer on cv writing companies. 

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