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It is normal that companies always think first of a continent like Asia for issues related to software development, however, today there are other rising players in offshore outsourcing and Costa Rica is one of them. 

There are many reasons and although we could expand on the details, we believe that there are three of them that stand out and that demonstrate that software development in Costa Rica becomes a great outsourcing partner for companies in the United States particularly. 

With this brief instruction, we can talk about three of the main reasons why of nearshore software development in Costa Rica. 

High-Quality Technological Infrastructure 

This Central American country was already gaining attention and focus around the world because companies such as IBM, HP Intel, among others, had established a development center each in the country. But now, with an even greater focus on R&D efforts in the tech space, San José is being billed as the Silicon Valley of Costa Rica. With huge and ever-growing technology parks, such as the American Free Zone and Global Park, which are home to hundreds of software development companies, as well as well-known companies from the healthcare technology sector flocking to develop innovative medical devices. 

In these technology parks, which are also often free trade zones, software development companies also enjoy certain tax benefits, further encouraging active growth and strong interest in the field of IT outsourcing. 

Close Time Zones Between Costa Rica And The U.S. 

The time zone is one of the main concerns of American companies about outsourcing work to foreign software development companies. If the time zone is too far apart, as in Asia, it is less preferable for US companies, since real-time communication is hardly feasible for both parties. However, with Costa Rica, this is not a concern as the United States is only two hours ahead of Costa Rica, which means that Costa Rican developers will be working and available to contact at almost the same time as the American company. 

The tiny difference in time zones makes Costa Rica a nearshore place for outsourcing, and nearshoring itself is very beneficial for businesses, particularly those based in the US. This real-time collaboration is highly desirable, as it makes the project progress smoother and faster because inquiries and issues can be resolved quickly and necessary changes can be made on time. This makes Costa Rica, a location close to the United States, an ideal place for companies in that country to outsource software development. 

Costa Rica And The US Have Similar Cultures 

Although Spanish is its natural language, Costa Rica is one of the most westernized bilingual countries in all of Latin America, with a literacy rate of 96%. Additionally, Costa Rica has aligned itself with states culture through its dedication to science and technology education and business practices. The tech community is also looking for certifications that are valuable to North American companies, such as PMP, Six Sigma, ITIL, and more. 

Costa Rican Conclusion

By way of conclusion we can say that the foundation is in place, that fame has already been created and that all the benefits that companies obtain by subcontracting to Costa Rica are already known. As a result, the list of companies opting for nearshore in Costa Rica continues to grow. Tech giants continue to plan to establish Costa Rican offices there as its infrastructure grows.

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