6 Ways To Use Facebook To Promote Your Small Business

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If you incorporate the social media platform into your marketing campaign you could tap into a huge market and achieve exponential growth for your small business. 

Facebook has more than 80 million small businesses around the world using the platform. If you’re like them, you would like to use it in order to: Increase exposure to potential customers Build brand loyalty Drive traffic to your website 

Social media is extremely useful for small businesses that are just starting out and want to gain some more exposure, whether you run a top MLM company in 2020 or a more traditional retail business.

Facebook can be particularly beneficial for marketing and personal branding because it has many tools that can help you with your marketing campaign. It also adds legitimacy to your brand. These days to have a business without a Facebook page feels somewhat outdated. 

The first step is to build a business page. Unlike a personal profile, this will make your company appear authoritative. When you’re creating your page add as much information about your business as possible. Be sure to also include plenty of images and visuals that will demonstrate what your company does. Done that? Great, it’s time to get started. 

Here are some of the best ways that you can utilize Facebook to effectively promote your small business. 

#1 Post Consistently 

While Facebook does favor sharing content that has been paid for, to successfully operate as a small business on the platform you should still be sure to consistently post on your business Facebook page. You should be doing this for a minimum of at least once a day. 

The more often you post, the more your audience will get to know your brand. Post high-quality content to ensure the best impact for your brand. 

#2 Use Facebook Insights 

If you’re not sure what is classed as good quality content, don’t sweat it. Facebook has you covered. You can use Facebook's analytical tool ‘Facebook Insights’ to see which posts do the best with your particular audience. 

This tool is free for every business page and shares valuable information such as how many people your post has reached and how much engagement it has had. This way you can aim to create more of the kind of content that is popular. 

If you’re still not sure what your audience would like to see, use Facebook’s poll feature and ask them. 

#3 Link Back To Your Site 

Your Facebook content strategy should always include links back to your site. This is the best way to drive traffic and effectively promote your small business on social media. 

It’s okay if your Facebook likes and engagement are slightly lower on your link back posts, as long as you are getting click-throughs. This is the aim. Again, this can all be checked on Facebook Insights. 

#4 Start A Conversation 

Facebook’s algorithm favors posts that have a high amount of engagement. To capitalize on this, make sure that you are posting things that will capture the attention of your audience and start a conversation. 

Make sure that you are always responding to customer’s comments and concerns. If you are tagged in posts, be sure to engage with them. Use Facebook features such as polls or create videos with Facebook live. 

Try to add some warmth and sociability to your presence on the site. Creating a believable voice and personality is paramount to creating a loyal following. 

Keep the tone of your posts friendly and conversational and make sure they are based on topics that are worth talking about. 

#5 Join Facebook Groups 

LinkedIn might be the most popular place to professionally network on the web, but Facebook is filled with groups that cater to professionals working in many different niche areas. 

Use your personal account to join these groups and then promote your business page, links, and videos in there. Make sure that your presence in these groups is give and take. Have meaningful conversations, engage and offer opinions. The more you contribute, the more you and your business will be recognized as authoritative in your chosen field. 

If you can’t find a focused Facebook group that represents exactly what you are looking for, then start your own group. You can add members and start discussions and create a space where people in your niche can work together to promote their small business. 

One great way to navigate promotion in these groups is to participate in threads in which members offer to share one another's blog posts. This can be an effective way to reach a wider audience on Facebook. 

#6 Utilize Facebook Ads 

If it’s proving difficult to reach followers organically, Facebook ads can be a useful tool. Paid for posts look the same as regular posts but have a much wider reach and are targeted. If you need to get funding for these paid options, a title loan could help.

Facebook collects user data so it can target advertisements towards the demographic that your content will have the most impact on. 

Facebook's analytical tools will also help you figure out which of your promoted posts have been most successful in driving sales. This will help you figure out your ongoing content strategy. 

Maximize Your Facebook Marketing

Make use of the above tactics and you are well on the way to building an impactful presence on Facebook social media marketing. Facebook marketing will give you the potential to build a strong customer following and increase sales through driving traffic back to your website.

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