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Social Media Marketing is far from simple or easy to master. If it were easy then we'd all be rich social media influencers making 5-6 figure posting product pictures on Instagram or making 7 figures as a professional YouTuber. Although the bar to starting social media is low, the bar for standing out and succeeding on social is quite high and gets higher each day. If it's not a core part of your job description or business then you should be looking to hire a pro or risk spending dozens of hours a week getting mediocre results. I’d recommend hiring someone with substantial experience utilizing social media to successfully build businesses. You don’t just want to hire someone right out of school, or the cheapest candidate. Social media marketing management can become a valuable asset for a business when implemented correctly, or a big liability if done poorly.

Social selling requires a combination of strategies that are constantly evolving with new user behavior, platform evolution, and the brands you are working to promote. You have to stand out from the hundreds of millions of other accounts out there and provide real value to your audience. 

There is no one single thing that is most crucial for social media marketing except maybe consistency and the ability to stand out. Successful social selling requires combination of high quality content, engagement, brand building, platform diversity, SEO, and countless other factors.

Here are some quick pearls of wisdom for specific social media marketing platforms:


Use Facebook Power Editorfor promoting pages or boosting posts more effectively. It allows you to select more advanced options on page ads or individual posts over just the default promotion options or basic “boosting” choices. You can bid on prices you’re willing to pay, along with nearly every point of data available to target your audience.


Twitter is far from dead. In fact, it finally posted its first profit ever and its stock has soared! There are hundreds of millions of users and hundreds of thousands of successful marketers utilizing Twitter.


LinkedIn is incredibly useful in every field, you just have to know how to use it. Like anything else, it requires time, focus, trial + error, and the willingness to put yourself out there. I’ve personally gotten jobs, clients, sales, recommendations, publicity, education, and more on LinkedIn since I started using it in 2009.


You can manage 5-6 Instagram accounts at once on the Instagram mobile app depending on the version you have. You can also make any of your Instagram pages business accounts by linking them to their own Facebook page.


Pinterest marketing is leveraging your own digital media, social media following, and the hundreds of millions of Pinterest users to grow your business. Pinterest is a very powerful platform that most businesses should take advantage of, especially if your target demographic is women.


Google Plus never panned out to be the next Facebook or Twitter like they originally hoped in 2011 but it still has its uses. You’ll still get some small but significant benefits for a minimal investment of time on this now-forgotten social platform. Spending a few minutes per month on Google+ and getting some beneficial results is a beautiful thing indeed!

Take these pearls of wisdom into consideration when managing your social networks or hiring someone to handle your social media marketing.

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