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Apple and Google are under fire these days due to privacy violations. This is not because of their policies or doing anything to the users. But they have allowed an app on their app store and play store that people believe is a serious violation of human rights as well as an attack on women’s freedom. Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Interior’s National Information Centre has developed an app that allows men track their wives. 

The app that Saudi men are using to track their daughters and wives is called Absher. It is still available on app store as well as play store. Apple and Google said they will review the app and take actions, if possible. But it seems both the companies have allowed the app to still be live. Men are using this app to track their family members. It has restricted the movement of women within the country. Saudi Arabia has a long history of restricting women from driving; playing, going to cinemas and doing other things women of other countries do freely. The app offers many features to men while they use it. One of the features of the app includes sending warning to men when their wives or daughters try to use their passports. This becomes easier for men to catch their wives. Men can also cancel flights of their daughters or wives with the help of this app. 

A lot of people have showed concerns over the app and how it helps men in their desires and wishes of tracking women. Human rights activists have raised their voice against the use of this app and demanded it be removed from the app store and play store. They believe the app has been designed by keeping men in mind and it does benefit them in one way or the other while compromising women’s freedom. 

Why You Need To Monitor Your Spouse? 

It is important to understand why this app was launched and made available for men. A few years ago, a young Saudi girl ran from the country after she was tired of the restrictive environment and restrictions on women in the country. She fled to Europe and got shelter in Canada. She was hailed as a hero by the international media who broke strict barriers and fought for her freedom. 

This incident proved a cause for Saudi Arabia to come up with an app that gives men more control over their wives and daughters. It was also a moment of shame for the country that a girl escaped from its restrictive regime and caused it shame in other countries. Now, men don’t want their wives or daughters to do the same with them. For this, they are using the spyware app that is very helpful in monitoring activities of wives as well as daughters. 

Other Apps Like Absher 

Absher is just one example. A lot of people us other tracking apps to monitor their children as well as spouses. The use of spy apps has increased in the recent years and it is very helpful in a number of ways. The spy app is used for multiple purposes like for better parental control and tracking kids for their online activities. 

It could track a family member to see if that person is attending their Alcoholics Anonymous meetings as recommended or required.

In Saudi Arabia just men are worried about their wives, but in other parts of the world most of the parents have same concerns in one way or the other. These days, parents have a number of concerns regarding the activities of their children. So they want to keep eyes on their activities and know what they do online. For this purpose, they use the spy apps. 

Monitor And Track On Mobile

The Android Spy comes with a good number of exciting features that make it easy for anyone to track the target phones. Among the top features include call tracking, checking text messages, tracking live locations, hacking social media apps, spying on all other apps, screen recorder, keylogger, password chaser and others.

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