How To Reverse Engineer Competitor Marketing Plans

how to reverse engineer competitor marketing plans digital advertising

In battle, the ones who have the most intelligence gathered hold the upper hand. Information is something that can actually turn the tide of war when it is needed the most, no matter how big or powerful your opponents are. Small tips can mean big especially when you want to even the odds or overtake anyone you are up against. That is why it is very important to know about your rivals as much as possible. It is better to secure the future of your endeavor than watch it fade into ash just because you didn’t make the necessary move. 

When you are running a business, especially if it’s a small one, expect that you are the underdog. With so many big time businesses today, how can a small company survive the onslaught of its market driven might? That is why efficiency and strategic planning is required to find where the weakness of this giant hides and take whatever opportunities it gives out. So if you want to become a behemoth of a business tycoon someday, you have to know ways on how to reverse your competitor’s marketing plan. 

5 Ways To Reverse Engineer A Competitor's Marketing Plan

1. Check Their Backlinks 

First thing you should be doing is to check your competitors’ backlinks. Having strong backlinks with popular, quality websites is the key to a strong marketing campaign and overall SEO strategy. The goal here is to identify those strong backlinks and penetrate them as early as possible. Regular sites with ten links are nothing compared to a legitimate, high traffic site with just one backlink so it is recommended that you identify these sites as quickly and as early as possible so that you can focus more on those websites. 

2. Keyword Battle 

SEO is a real big factor when it comes to business. That is why you can search for keywords about your business and then compare them with that of businesses that have the same keywords as yours. In this way, you can identify your real competitors and gain information about what they are up to plus a bird’s eye view on how they do their marketing campaigns. 

3. Spy On Their Content 

When it comes to content, it is best that you make time for searching your competitors’ best pieces. By doing so, you will be able to come up with something better and divert their traffic to your site and business. Furthermore, you will be able to have the advantage of knowing what makes their audiences tick and what kind of material or product they are after or are interested in. 

4. Look At Other Campaign Strategies 

When you are done with the basics, it is now time to look at your rivals’ other marketing campaigns. You can use these little marketing strategies to form better ones and even bigger than that of their main ones. Other marketing campaigns may include promos, insertions, article features and others. You can use these to your advantage and slowly conquer them from behind. 

5. Intercept The Keywords 

Lastly, be vigilant and quick in identifying the keywords that your competitor is using so that you can be on top of the list in search engines. Sites or companies who appear in the first page of search engines are quite frankly considered to be legitimate and the first choice of customers.  

Market Like A Mastermind 

The competition is growing daily in the digital marketing realm. Keep these 5 tips in mind to ensure that you can stay in the fight on search engines and social media.

Sarah Grace Del Rosario is a blogger from Mayple. Mayple is based on shared value. We have a leading role in solving the challenges small and medium businesses meet in today's marketing industry. We believe our unbiased approach will help businesses achieve greater value from their digital marketing efforts, and as our customers grow— we grow.

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