Why Getting More Sleep Will Help You Be More Successful At Work Again

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You have probably read here a few times that the most successful entrepreneurs on the planet start their days early. Richard Branson of Virgin Atlantic, Microsoft’s Bill Gates and former first lady Michelle Obama all wake up before the sun. They find the quiet hours at the start of the day to be among their most productive. 

If you want to follow their example, you have to get serious about changing some habits. To start early, you must plan to get enough rest, including going to bed early enough. It requires discipline to establish a specific (read: earlier) bedtime and wake-up time. 

But science has shown that stabilizing your sleep schedule makes you less like to suffer from sleep deprivation. And when you’re getting enough sleep your body and mind get enough rest and rejuvenation to put you in a highly productive state. 

Getting enough sleep also strengthens your coping mechanisms. Your body is sound when it wakes up. Your mind is clear. Your mood is stable. When we work to accomplish tasks and achieve success, we need to be able to think positively and constructively. 

In other words, sleep may be the closest thing to a cure-all that humans have. 


That fix could sound out of your reach if you struggle to sleep in the first place. Don’t despair. Let’s take it step by step. 

If you wake up too often during the night struggling to breathe, get checked for sleep apnea. If you wake up frequently to pee, that could be an early symptom of diabetes. Get checked. If you can’t fall asleep and stay asleep? It might be insomnia. See a doctor. 

But one out of three of you will suffer from sort of sleep deprivation so there can be a myriad of explanations as to what’s limiting your sleep

For example, if you wake up sore or toss and turn at night and lose sleep that way, we’re probably talking specifically about a problem with your sleep environment. The right sleep environment is one at the right temperature (cooler is better) with the right lighting (low) that will allow us to lull ourselves to sleep. If it’s too hot or too bright, that stimulates the brain and makes it harder to doze off. 

Also, you need a comfortable, welcoming bed. What if you sleep on your side like 40 percent of Americans. It’s the most common sleep position. All of you need a mattress that can both support your body and contour to your shoulders, hips and knees while you sleep on your side. 

Pretend you wake up every morning with back pain. Your mattress, more than likely, is no longer effective. Maybe it has been worn down in the middle and your lower back is no longer supported properly, meaning your spine is no longer aligned. Time to find a mattress specifically constructed to help alleviate back pain. 

If you do need a new sleep surface, get educated first by reading reviews to learn about the differences in materials, functionality and firmness levels. 

Once you figure out what might work for you, do yourself a favor and get some recommendations as to the best mattresses available. This is especially helpful if price is no object. 


The end goal would be to wake up earlier and still feel rested. If you’re trying to retrain yourself to do so, experts recommend doing it in increments, like going to bed a half hour earlier at a time as your body adjusts. 

Soon you’ll be beating the sun and finding that extra quiet time with your thoughts and creativity turning you into the productive ace you strive to be. All because of a little extra sleep!

We hope you enjoyed this article about why getting more sleep will help you to be more successful at work again and in your career.

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