How To Market And Sell In The New Economy

how to market and sell new economy digital age sales

If you are looking to grow your business in the new economic era, there are many strategies you need to employ. In our modern digital age, mixed with a new global recession, you need to market and sell with the best of businesses. Only the best marketers and sales professionals will survive and thrive in the new normal.

We prioritize breaking the cycle of sales companies who set poor expectations and make promises they can't deliver. Our many reference-able clients welcome a chance to share their success stories with you when the time comes to making a final decision. Everyone needs qualified leads but it is not just about how many leads someone can deliver; it's about the quality of those leads. We have been delivering lead generation, marketing, and complete sales solutions in the new economy

Lead The Way With B2B Marketing

The evolution of B2B marketing trends is inevitable. As businesses become digital and shift to a more remote approach, marketers have to constantly make an effort to stay relevant to fast-paced changes. Account based marketing is enabling B2B marketers to carry out personalized marketing campaigns for prospects. 

LinkedIn Leverage

Lets focus on LinkedIn as an example, which is a great source for B2B leads and sales, along with some B2C selling opportunities depending on your industry. We have never met a client who preferred 50 leads with 5 that actually went anywhere compared to 10 leads where 7 were sales qualified. In fact, having too many leads can be a bigger challenge than not having enough.  Wasted hours with non qualified, poorly targeted conversations can be a costly mistake. That is why we go to tremendous effort to ensure the foundation of every campaign we run is strong. 

Creating a true partnership for business growth is key. Our set-up includes one on one time getting to know your business and your exact demographics. We are careful to understand who the decision makers are you most want to speak with. We then leverage the worlds largest business networking platform to build highly targeted leads lists. Through our technology, we then are able to export LinkedIn contact data and identify email addresses and direct phone numbers for over 80% of the lists we build. 

Convert Those Leads Into Sale

Building quality lists is just the beginning whether you run a software company or multi-level marketing business. It doesn't matter if you are speaking to the right people if you are not saying what they need to hear. 

Our team partners with you to build messaging that truly resonates and we help you curate content and top blogger posts that grows your reputation as a subject matter expert.

The outcome of email marketing list building? Our team then works every day to deliver a dozen high quality leads each month that you can actually close. Depending on the services we provide, those numbers can grow from there. Our month-to-month programs allow you and our agency to both build a relationship one month at a time. We then grow that relationship based on real results not just empty promises. How can we help? We have programs to meet most budgets. We can help with everything from "top of funnel" qualified leads, to full-time industry experienced sales people. 

Invest In Video Marketing

Is there a place for video in marketing alternative investments? Almost all of marketers we spoke to say that video has a place in alternative asset marketing. These marketing professionals say that video can help convey personal connection, familiarity, expertise and allows for the explanation of more complex concepts succinctly. Video is more emotive than any other form of communication, and as much as we all like to think our decision making is rational, in reality decisions are typically made with the emotive part of the brain and only justified through rationality. 

Do you currently use video in your marketing and investor relations activity? About half of businesses we talked to say they currently use video. The company comments include that they have an intro video that I share with new prospects prior to first call. Use it to get them excited about the firm. It is well received, but I am not sure how effective it is. It is time consuming and costly, too. Why do you not currently use video in your marketing and investor relations activity? Survey responder comments included that we need help figuring out how to do it. The CEO will not adapt to new ideas such as increased video marketing priority. Marketers and managers who say they are going to transform their organization without support from Sales and buy-in from management fail to see success.

Work With SEO Firms

An SEO agency will help you with your link building and increasing organic traffic from Google. After weeks of testing among a team of many freelance ghostwriters, here’s what we’re especially excited for. Know your DA, PA, TF, DR and traffic stats before pitching. Target high-impact publications whose stats align with your SEO and public relations goals. Get real humans inputting all HARO + ProfNet queries into a single user-friendly platform. 

Forget the user experience nightmare that is the basic HARO newsletter or the large annual price tag to access paid SEO services. Set keyword alerts or filter queries based on select keywords. Have relevant queries come to you, then save them on your linkbuilding pitch shortlist. See which publications give confirmed dofollow links. No more guesswork or surprises after spending hours playing pitch games. Send pitches from the platform through an actual look-alike business email. Domain-hosted look-alike emails skyrocket your conversion rate by establishing instant authority with journalists. 

Learn from tutorials based on an expert team of executive ghostwriters who consistently gain thousands of backlinks per year for clients. We are the first and only platform with built-in community knowledge-sharing features aimed at optimizing your conversions. Have our team help notify you of wins. We do the link-hunting heavy lifting, comparing pitches in the platform with backlinks in live articles to notify users when their quotes earned a placement.

Hire A Full Service Digital Marketing Agency

We pride ourselves on being a full service digital marketing agency: 

- LinkedIn and email prospecting 
- Data mining and list building 
- Outbound call programs 
- Complete in-house sales organization consulting 
- Sales technology selection 
- Sales training and management as a service 
- Social Marketing, SEO, and backlink link building 
- Complete U.S based lead generation and sales teams 

If any of these services peak your interest; contact us and give us a chance to learn about your needs and share our experience.

Step Up Your Marketing And Selling Game In The Modern Digital Age 

The business landscape has changed drastically in the past year, and it will be a tough road ahead. Keep these marketing and sales tips in mind to promote your business. Stand out from the pack to survive and thrive in the new normal with masterful marketing!

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