What Are Junket Tours In Casinos And Where To Relax In The CIS And Europe

casino junket tours europe

In fact, junket is a trip with pre-agreed conditions to the region where gambling establishments operate. The casino pays for the tour almost completely: hotel, transfer, entertainment, etc. Guests, for their part, should look into this club and have fun, not forgetting to place bets. Typically, the contract specifies the amount that must be spent on the game in 2023. 

In fact, such trip is a legitimate way to play casino for those states residents where gambling is forbidden. If earlier the casino tour was bought mainly by Islamic states representatives, today everyone who wants to have a good time uses the service. 

What Does A Junket Tour Include? 

The various casinos administration is trying to offer favorable conditions to gambling travelers. This is especially possible for cities where famous sights are located. Here, in addition to the game, guests will find interesting excursions and other pleasures of life. If you are planning to buy such a tour, you can safely discuss the conditions with the club owners. It should be understood that the more you are willing to spend on casino bets, the more interesting the conditions will be. 


In reputable establishments, at the contract conclusion you will definitely be asked to pay for the road, meeting and seeing off at the destination. We recommend that you include this item in the agreement if it is absent, since traveling in unfamiliar areas with a substantial money amount in search of your casino and hotel is not the best option. 


You are a valuable client, which means you should get maximum comfort for your money. The casino offers and chooses the most comfortable conditions. Your mood and, accordingly, gain depend on it. If you like to travel often, then choose conditions that are familiar to you so as not to be distracted by annoying little things that annoy. 


Living on an all-inclusive system is the standard for gaming tours. You don’t have to think about what and where to eat, but devote your entire time to the game. To beat any slot machine on a full stomach is much more pleasant. When such a nutrition program is provided, the junket tour participant will feel even more comfortable. 

Fun And Games 

Large units offer an interesting excursion and entertainment program so that the traveler can get the maximum pleasure not only from starting the machines, but also spending cultural leisure time. 

Junket Tours In The CIS And Europe Casinos 

Today, players have several areas of gaming tours that take place in the former Soviet republics. You can take the junket tour to Latvia, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, Russia. Since they appeared relatively recently, tours are somewhat different from traveling to Las Vegas or Macau. However, the service level is constantly growing, so many gambling tourists choose these destinations. One reason is that they are cheaper than a trip to Western Europe or the United States. 


Latvia is a former Soviet republic and an EU country. The state has its own flavor, and Riga is one of the most beautiful European capitals. In addition, the city has several dozen excellent gambling complexes. Relax at the VIP level offers SL Casino by Michael Boettcher’s Storm International

Sochi, Russia 

This is one of the gambling zones of Russia, which is well developed. Do not forget that the Olympiad was recently held, and the government was interested in attracting more tourists, so tours in the Sochi casino have a decent price and are not burdensome for players practicing such trips. Details can be found on the respective casinos websites. 

Armenia, Belarus, Georgia 

In Armenia, gambling tourists are invited to visit several gambling zones. But most guests choose a casino near Yerevan. These units have a lot of gaming tables, good service and enough opportunities to spend time with excitement. The Republic of Belarus is invited to the Minsk casino tour. It should be understood that the travel conditions are different for different operators. Study the contract carefully. In Georgia, you can visit officially the best club in the country - Shangri La Tbilisi. 

By the way, the repeatedly awarded Shangri La complexes in Armenia, Belarus and Georgia belong to the famous Storm International company and Shangri La network, Darren Keane, the director of the company noted. In general, having studied the issue thoroughly, you will always find a place to play in the former Soviet republics and in Eastern Europe.

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