Storm International Offers Junket As An Alternative To Sea Tours

storm international shangri la casino hotel resorts

Standard beach vacations and exotic safaris are no longer in vogue. Now come to the fore casino tours with a wide range of entertainment. Beautiful and luxurious establishments where wishes and dreams come true become more and more popular when choosing a place for vacations. Junket, that is, a gaming tour in a casino, is an original holiday destination that has an element of novelty. And all units of Michael Boettcher’s Storm International offer this format of visits. 

Gambling in a casino is attractive to people, as it has an element of surprise. And many game operators, observing the features of such leisure, have developed its ideal model. Casinos provide a place so that you can relax alone or with your company. The program of such establishments can offer any client exactly what he hopes to receive there - whether it be leisure, gambling, shows or other entertainments. 

Despite the name, casino tours are created not only for gambling, but also to satisfy gastronomic and holiday interests. There are a huge number of opportunities for a good rest. 

Casinos that offer this service are complexes of the casino itself and a luxury hotel, which usually has a spa, swimming pools, jacuzzi and all kinds of related services (massage, beauty treatments) and, of course, restaurants. And such casino complexes are much more common than you can imagine. 

Usually they are located in capitals or near major shopping centers with tourist attractions. Variety shows, various concerts and even sports are held here. So, the units of Shangri La, Darren Keane, CEO of Storm International said, are located in the capitals of Armenia, Georgia, Belarus and Latvia. Therefore, guests can combine relaxation in the gaming complex with excursions and shopping. 

Where Are The Best Casino Resorts? 

Some of the world's best casino resorts are located in South Africa, Egypt, China, Monaco, Portugal, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Spain and the Bahamas. Of course, they are in Las Vegas and several other American cities in Connecticut and New Orleans. Many of them are considered to be world leaders in gambling tourism and have received relevant awards. Here the guest receives a real VIP service and a multifaceted vacation, of course, with the ability to play all the classic casino games. 

The former USSR territory has been closed for gambling for a long time. But in recent years in half of the CIS countries entertainment complexes with casinos have been opened. One of the most well-known operators with a good reputation is Storm International, Darren Keane said. The company has been operating since 1992. Today, Shangri La brand operate in four countries, casinos in Georgia, Armenia, Belarus and Latvia are well known. All units offer gaming tours at the highest level. And you can order them in just a couple of minutes, just call the manager and choose convenient dates. 

Junket tours in Shangri La units are organized on an all-inclusive basis. This is the most beneficial option for the guest. For the cost of chips, an exclusive services package is provided: transfer, hotel accommodation, food and drinks, participation in casino events. In this case, you need to win back exactly the originally agreed amount. And everything that is won during the junket is the player’s property. And this means that with a certain amount of luck, you can significantly reduce the rest cost and even become a plus! 

In addition, in any of the Shangri La casinos you need to spend only the agreed upon number of hours, and the rest of the time you can devote to excursions, shopping, acquaintance with numerous attractions. And there is something to see, because all units are located in beautiful and interesting places: historical centers or a picturesque suburbs.

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