How To Increase Online Earnings With Google Ads & YouTube SEO

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As technology continues to evolve, people from different industries are seeing newer and better ways to improve their lives, even their sources of income. For those who are taking risks in investing for a business, one of the things that they carefully think about are the strategies that should be done to boost their ventures. And since internet offers lots of things for everyone, nowadays these business-involved individuals use this to achieve their goals, hence, the rise of online marketing. Internet, especially Google, has almost every types of features that can work best for digital marketing purposes, and one of them is by using Google Ads. 

One of the pioneers in the pay per click (PPC) advertisements (the advertiser pays a set or bid-winning rate whenever someone clicks his advertisement), Google Ads surely guarantees it can take you closer to various potential clients who keeps on searching and in need of your product or service. 

It must be clear, however, that the success of this type of marketing method doesn't just happen overnight. Sure, it is quicker form of advertising than content marketing or technical SEO, but it still takes time for trial, error, and expertise. Like other marketing and promotional techniques, it takes time, discipline and focus. In addition, the success of the other Google Ads users does not mean it can happen to you as well. But, with proper research and understanding of its features and knowing how to maximize this and give you real money, there is always a great possibility that your business is one step closer to its goal of being one of the popular and in-demand around. 

How To Get Growing Your Profits With Google Ads 

1. Never stop searching and exploring for the best keywords suitable for your business. 

Most of digital marketers know the importance of the right keyword, and how it can uplift and gain potential sales for their venture. Unfortunately, most of these keywords are already been used and abused. It happens because despite that it is always used, those keywords have been used for how many times, they still bring profit to the businesses. After all, the ROI (return of the investment) is the sole reason why pay per click advertising methods like Google Ads exist. That is why looking for better and unique keywords that can also match the site has been part of many challenges in digital advertising. Google keyword traffic tool is the best solution for your keyword problems. Moreover, using this tool can help you spend less while attaining the appropriate keyword that your site needs. 

2. While exploring for the profitable keywords, beware of the negative keywords

Aside from searching for the best keywords that you find that will work best for your venture, do not neglect to look for words that can bring negativity to your business. Of course, who would want a business that slides down from its competitors and ends up spending more than what he is earning? This will only leave unimpressive remarks especially on your site. Keyword reseach apps can be a great tool in helping you identify keywords that you might think can help you boost your site but in reality, is not helpful and badly needs to “spit out”. 

3. Maximize the power of Google Optimize 

Another way of making the best profit out of using google Ads is to check and “test the waters” before launching it to the public. Just like in other strategies, it is important to have ensure that everything will turn out fine, in fact better than expected. One of the tools that can help you with that is the Google Optimize. With its outstanding features, this website testing platform can help you unleash the best potential sales in your Google Ads by: 

- Setting up multivariate tests without too much hassle by putting different headlines by changing the location depending on where the user is located, which is very essential since you do not have to create a new landing page for every location you will input. 

- Simplifying the website’s tests of variables through its visual editor that is easy to navigate and test, even in testing more variables all at once. 

4. When creating a landing page, be sure to always consider psychological dynamics and the importance of simplicity. 

One of the usual tricks that can be used to achieve this comes from the concept of the so-called deictic gaze. This means that people always tend to look at the direction where other individuals used to look and point as well. Putting arrows and easy-to-understand instructions are the best strategies for this. Another thing, creating your google Ads is not just for the “flowery” stuff. One of the main rules in this advertising type is that the simpler, the better. Unlike in the Search Optimization Engine (SEO) where long contents are the essential requirements, Google Ads need only short, specific yet straight-to-the- point call of action markers in order to generate better leads. Since this is a pay-per-click advertisement type, lesser and simpler words matter more. 

5. Bring out your Ad’s most promising words. 

Of course, you have to be critical in creating the content on the headline, sub headline, bulleted areas and call to action. Along with this, you have to wonder for the words and phrases that will surely turn your audience’s heads on. What are the keywords that you should use to help improve the frequent visitations in your site which will lead you to have your potential customers? For this, there are options to consider like using A/B tests and other multivariable tests like in Google Optimize. You can freely study various options and explore which of these tools can help you pinpoint keywords that can take your site to the highest possible conversions and click-through-rates. 

6. Exert efforts to expand reach and continue boosting your ad’s CTR and its over-all performance. 

Just because you are able to establish your Google Ads does not mean you have to stop working there. Unfortunately, this is just the start of a massive challenge especially if you want to get the most out of this advertisement method. Maintaining your site is not just about creating the best content possible in every advertisement. You also have to check how your ads is going, also, your competitor’s standings as well. Google Ads with 4 to 5-star reviews always dominate the search results, so it is vital to check your own reviews. There are tools like Seller review that will keep your CTR in its increased level and also your clicks and conversions on a weekly basis. 

Get Growing With Google Ads

Using Google Ads as a way to promote and extend your products and services to a wider audience, along with other advertisement strategies can be beneficial not only to the advertisers but also to every consumer that is in need of those particular product or service. With these mentioned ways to generate potential and better profit in this method, there are other ways in which we can reach the actual revenue we can have from advertising.

YouTube SEO

SEO For Youtube: How To Gain Leads From Youtube Videos 

Digital marketers make the most out of every opportunity through internet on how they can promote their ventures, building networks and connections, establishing relationships from other groups, and to help the, find potential customers to cater. One of the platforms that they frequently use is Youtube. From being the stepping stone to become “viral” seeing as another source of fame, personal venture (take Justin Bieber, for example... no seriously, take him!) and a channel to share advices and a source of releasing stress for others, Youtube has various offers for its users for whatever purpose they have. With its billions of users and its features, this social media platform got its reputation of being one of the best ways to disseminate messages, and for the digital marketing’s perspective, to promote and advertise their brands. 

Youtube is really one of the best platforms despite of its more efforts to provide more and better features especially for the business world. But for the meantime, learn to use and utilize its present structures in order to put your venture into the next and higher level of leads in that particular industry. In addition, there are other marketing strategies that you can utilize to get the best in your brand. So, how can every marketer can maximize the opportunities with Youtube and gain more leads for your business or brand: 

1. Optimize content

The content is the first thing to give attention to gain leads in Youtube. However, just like in others, first things are always the hardest, and if you are unsure what and how to start, follow these three rules to guide you: 

- Give reliable information to your viewers
- Provide answers especially to frequently asked questions (FAQ)
- Emphasize the call for actions. 

Another way in making the best content is to choose keywords that are applicable and related to your field and incorporate them to the video title and description. This can be a great help because it can make your video more visible since sites like Google and Bing can file your videos. 

2. Make the most out of Youtube cards

Youtube cards are the interactive cards present usually at the end part of Youtube videos that encourages to click other related videos. There are various reasons why it is good to use these aside from asking the watchers to click other videos. These cards can ask them to answer a particular poll, lead them to a landing page. You can also enjoy this feature to fully promote your video, and you can use for as many as five Youtube cards throughout the running time of the video. This way, you can instruct your watchers a call to action to a specific target that you are aiming for. 

3. Create some content cards. 

Like the Youtube cards, content cards appear as an icon, but they are usually found at the top right of the video. Once click, the card will drop down and unveil the related video which can be seen on the same channel. 

4. You can use end screens to promote landing pages. 

End screens work just like the early mentioned Youtube and content cards. However, it has a wider dynamic because these just not encourage the watchers something that’s a call to action, but it also provide guidance to an important landing page, action to subscribe for your channel, or any kinds of usual promotions. In addition, you can also put some verbal cues like “hit like and subscribe” for a clearer instruction to your audience. 

5. Organize your content into playlists

If you already have more than one content video, organizing it to become a single playlist is another good strategy to get more leads. There is “add to playlist” option in every video once it was uploaded. Doing this makes searching related contents easier to do. 

6. Encourage comments and respond to them all

Another good thing about Youtube videos is that it offers interaction between the video uploader and his audience by the comments section located at the bottom of the video. Take note, however, that placing and asking for your audience’s comments should not be happen anytime you feel like doing it. There is always an appropriate time and manner in engaging yourself from these comments and responses. Timeliness reflects how active and dedicated you are on what you are doing and promoting. Moreover, it creates an impression that you are that genuine in responding and offering assistance to them, if needed. 

7. Work with other industry influencers and Youtubers

Influencers are those individuals with an impressive engagement rate in advocating their respective brands or ventures. Use the opportunity to connect and make partners with these brand advocates and niche promoters. Doing this can surely be a great step in additional reach point to your brand. 

8. Share your videos to more and different channels. 

Most of the time, video uploaders forget or even neglect to repost their posted videos to other channels. To prevent this to happen, share your video content across all your other channels as soon as it gets posted. This will help you to attain the maximum reach of every video you upload. Other ways to reach a wider channel is by encouraging the audience to share your video, tag brands or other businesses that is related to your brand and use marketing automation which will aid you to keep your calendar always in order. 

9. Create or promote advertisements. 

Nowadays, various agencies and brand are always on the look for creative and innovating ways to promote and advertise without being dominative. Creation and even promotion advertisements will somehow make your video visible which can give your content more possibilities to gain more leads. 

10. Take note of the proper timing in posting your content videos too. 

Just like in posting comments, timing is also an essential factor in uploading your videos. It depends on your time and even location when posting, also there are set of general guidelines that should be adhered especially in posting your Youtube videos. With research and understanding how it works, Youtube guarantees that it can cater every business, from tutorial, full advertisements and even webinar. The possibilities seem to become endless with Youtube, but there are marketers who had little generated sales and leads and one of its reasons is the inability to study about which makes them commit mistakes that they should avoid beforehand.

Earn Exponentially With Google Ads And YouTube

There are countless ways to increase your online earnings these days. Either optimizing your Google Ads or enhancing your YouTube SEO (and possibly combining the two tactics) are some of the most promising digital marketing methods of adding extra income to your business' bottom line.

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