Top Six Ways To Protect Your Intellectual Property

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When your new invention comes into the limelight, your foremost thought is to let the world know about it. Undeniably, telling the whole world about your success from the rooftop is appealing. Nevertheless, before you do that, you need to consider the ways to protect what you have worked so hard to develop. Copyrights and patents can offer you some security; however, they do not always mean that your product design is completely protected from plagiarism, as copies can certainly emerge. Therefore, it is advisable to consult an intellectual property attorney in depth before launching your product in the market. An experienced attorney made all the possible arrangements to secure your design. However, a number of other options are also available to you, each with their own strength. 

Do Not File Patents 

The most unusual way to protect your intellectual property is not to file patents for your design. Filing patents provide the recipe of how a product is created. Once the recipe is out in the market, anyone can create a similar product with workarounds not to violate the intellectual property rights. Alternatively, you can standardize the idea with a standard association so that others are restricted from creating such idea. 

Relentless Innovation Cycle 

Innovation in the technology industry is always prone to plagiarism. Because of this reason, the technology industry sees innovation’s evolutionary jumps in such quick succession. If your company is relentlessly innovating then it will keep your competitors on toes, and constantly catching up. This will also save your product design from your competitors. 

Separate Teams 

It is in the best interest of the company if there is a separation of duties, and teams are separated geographically. So, that none of these teams have access to the complete product, to avoid in-house security leak. Therefore, separation of duties is the fundamental tenet of information security, and we have to practice what we preach to achieve stellar results. 

Avoid Joint Ownership 

It is advisable to avoid joint ownership of the intellectual property at all costs. Joint ventures create a problem later that can make it difficult to protect, which will hurt all parties involved. Litigation over the IP rights could be very costly and time-consuming indeed for everyone involved.

Get Exact Match & Related Domains 

One of the best intellectual property securement methods for trademarks is to find an exact match domain name. You should then purchase that domain name and variations as .com, .net, .org, .co etc if possible. You can also pay extra for domain privacy to keep your contact information confidential on sites like WHOIS. Though it is a costlier objective in the short run, the windfall of benefits, in the end is unrivaled to protect your domain names. 

Keep It Quiet & Out of Sight 

One of the classic ways of protecting IP often involves patenting, trademarking, or copywriting works and techniques, and vigorously protects them in court. However, a presently modern technique involves digital rights management system. Nevertheless, somewhat an uncommon way to protect the IP is to keep things secret and limit exposure to the trade secrets that make up the intellectual property. Further, design the system to keep them hidden and protected. 

Final Words

Precisely, it is advisable to make every effort in your power to protect your business IP in consultation with the intellectual property attorney. Don't underestimate the power of your IP and do what you can to secure it.

I hope you enjoyed this article about ways to protect your intellectual property and how to secure your IP properly.

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