5 New Road Cycling Innovations To Watch This Year

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There are so many game changing road cycling innovations to keep an eye on this year. While the sport of biking has remained largely unchanged for some 200 years -- new trends, technologies, systems, and resources are constantly being introduced. Cycling innovations are in a continuous state of evolution. These breakthrough transformations aim to improve rider performance, experiences, comfort, and safety. As a road cycling enthusiast yourself, you should know about the latest trends that are expected to revolutionize biking. This way, you can improve physical fitness, ease daily transportation, and improve visual aesthetics too. 

Read on for the 5 top game changing cycling innovations to watch out for this year. 

5 New Road Cycling Innovations To Check Out

1. Stationary Virtual Trainers 

Internet-connected, virtual trainers are one of the biggest breakthrough innovations in the road cycling world. Stationary, indoor, at-home cycling trainers used to be one of the most dull and boring ways to exercise. Cyclists would seemingly pedal endlessly, while staring blankly at the wall. Now, the biking game has totally changed with innovative trainers that connect to virtual worlds. Here, bike riders can unlock courses, engage in cycling races, and challenge themselves with long endurance routes. Simply connect with a nearby TV, tablet, or your phone – and you are all ready to go. Many stationary trainers allow you to ride with your existing road bike, ideal for off-season training. Surely, upgrade your home riding setup with stationary virtual trainer innovations. 

2. Extra Light, Injection-Molded Foam Accessories 

Many road cycling athletes are enhancing their riding experiences with extra light, 100% waterproof, soft, and chemical-resistant injection-molded foam accessories. Closed-cell EVA foam offers exceptional value for the sporting goods, protective gear, seating, and cycling shoe soles industry. Specialists at Foam Creations manufacture accessories for novice and pro cyclists with durability, flexibility, and lightweight qualities. Their latex-free, biocompatible, highly-resistant, and ergonomic products are the perfect fit for the biking world. Certainly, look at how extra light, injection-molded foam accessories will impact the cycling industry in 2023. 

3. Quick Release Components 

Quick release bike components have also left a serious mark on the world of cycling. These components make it possible to remove the wheels, seat, and other pieces without any tools or hardware. They are cam-operated, making it a matter of a simple twist, turn, pull, or straighten. Every cyclist knows how tough it can be to change a flat tire when stranded on the side of the road. With a quick release setup, you can complete the fix in just a few minutes. Even while more convenient, rapid-releasing components are also known to be more secure than traditional wingnuts. Indeed, cam-operated, quick release bike components are certainly leaving an impression on the cycling industry. 

4. Weightless Security Systems 

Lightweight security systems are yet another game changing innovation in road cycling. Especially when riding in urban settings, locking up your bike is a must. Unfortunately, carrier around a heavy chain bike lock can seriously impact your performance. Not to mention the time it takes to find a location, locate your bike, and remember the combination. Low-weight bike security systems provide a solution – lock your road bike with an electronic key, no lock or key required. Instead, open an app on your phone to gain access to your bike, then lock it again once your ride is done. Absolutely, upgrade your road cycling setup with the latest, lightweight security systems. 

5. On-Ride, Smart GPS Assistants 

On-ride navigation is a major deal for road cyclists. The latest cycling innovations serve as virtual GPS assistants for bikers. These innovative systems offer turn-by-turn directions – based on real-time traffic conditions, bike lane availability, weather patterns, and local restrictions. You can also use GPSs for routine, mapping, and planning purposes. It is the ultimate way to guarantee step-by-step accuracy on your next big cycling adventure. Plus, these systems feature minimal design and voice guidance, keeping bikers safe while riding too. Definitely, upgrade your road cycling planning and performance with on-ride, smart GPS assistants. 

Cycling Conclusion

There are several game changing road cycling innovations to watch this year. Especially in colder climates, stationary virtual cycling trainers are becoming all the rage. These are the perfect accessory to upgrade your home cycling routine. In addition, improve ride comfort, flexibility, and durability with injection-molded foam products. Also, many avid cyclists prefer modern bikes made with cam-operated, quick releasing components. Weightless locks and security systems also make riding experiences safer too. Plus, consider upgrading your setup with onboard GPS smart assistants. Follow the points above to learn about the top game changing cycling innovations to watch out for this year.

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