5 Tips For Marketing Your Online Course

how to market your online course

Your course started with a simple idea, and it likely took you a lot of time to create and perfect it. Once you put the final touches on your curriculum, it is finally time to release it to the world. The only problem you may face is that if you have not already been promoting your curriculum while it was in production as a pre-launch, there is a chance that not many people know about it. 

It could take time to bring attention to your course and get people to buy it. While it can take time to see the audience you hope for, there are ways to get more people to take notice of your course. 

Building eLearning Authoring Tools 

When creating your course, your goal should be to build curriculum documentation that you can easily update throughout the years so you can deliver top-notch online learning experiences to your customers. Top eLearning authoring tools help you create online courses without needing third-party software. You don’t need to work on complicated codes to build your course; instead, you are able to use a simplified drag-and-drop feature as well as other user-friendly interfaces to make your life easier. 

Take Advantage Of Social Media 

Social media will be your best friend when it comes to marketing your online course. Accounts are free to make and they are easy to manage. When your business is small, social media accounts can easily be managed by one person. They give you the option to learn more about your target audience and have easy ways to communicate with them. Facebook and Instagram are two platforms for product promotion, but you can reach more people by getting creative with videos posted on YouTube and TikTok. 

Social media also gives you a way to scope out your competition and learn what works for them and what isn’t working for them. You never want to use it as a way to copy them because you should be original, but you can get ideas of your own from looking at how their marketing campaigns are working for them. 

Understand Your Audience Before Creating Your Course 

Understanding your target audience is an important step before finalizing your online course. The goal is to develop something that people will actually want to take, otherwise, you’re just wasting your time. If you currently already have an audience from social media, email lists, blogs, etc, you can send them a survey to find out what types of topics they would be most interested in learning about. You should strive to create an online curriculum based on what they want to learn about instead of what you want to create. If you create something without keeping your target audience in mind, you may not see the results you’re hoping for. 

Get Real Reviews From Students 

Once you get some people taking your course, you can try to get them to write a review from their experience. Individuals are more likely to invest in a product or course if it has good reviews. You can always consider releasing your curriculum early to a select few individuals in exchange for a review from them. Negative reviews can be discouraging, but if you do see them, don’t get upset. They are also great learning opportunities and can help you make improvements so that your course becomes even better. 

Use Google And Facebook Ads 

Social media is great for getting the word out about your online curriculum in multiple ways. One way is to pay for ads so they appear for your target audience. Facebook makes it easy to find an advertising campaign that meets your budget, offering around 1,000 views for under $14. That is an affordable option to bring brand awareness, helping you see the results you are hoping for. When it comes to Google ads, many factors come into play for determining pricing. They can run you anywhere from $10 to $50 per day if you are a beginner promoting online courses. 


Marketing is the best way to get people to learn about your online course. Sometimes it can take time to build the customer base you are looking for, but just be patient. Customize your marketing campaigns so that you can speak directly to your online course audience.

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