Apply For An EU Trademark: Europe-Wide Trademark Protection Via EU trademark

applying for eu trademark europe-wide protection

If you want to earn money with your business throughout Europe, you also have to think about protecting your trademark - because the German trademark is not protected against copying by competitors abroad. The solution: apply for an EU trademark and secure trademark rights for Europe as well. 

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Important Intellectual Property Information 

With a European trademark application, you can protect your trademark against misuse and imitation in all member states of the EU. 

You register the EU trademark with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). 

The EUIPO registers the trademark if there are no absolute grounds for refusal (e.g. lack of distinctiveness). 

After successful EU trademark registration, you can enforce claims for injunctive relief and damages if competitors infringe your trademark rights. 

A lawyer will check whether your trademark is protectable and no collisions with other trademarks are to be expected. 

In addition, he will take care of the registration of the EU trademark for you. 

General Information About The EU Trademark Application 

A European trademark (Union trademark) serves to identify products and services offered throughout Europe. It not only gives products a recognition value, but also grants the owner the exclusive right of use and comprehensive trademark protection through registration. 

If, for example, your slogan or logo can be translated into a descriptive adjective in the local language of an EU country, the trademark may violate absolute grounds for refusal. The EUIPO can then refuse to register the EU trademark with corresponding effect for the entire EU. 

A German trademark is - as the name suggests - only protected in Germany by an application to the DPMA. If you are currently concentrating on the German market, you can apply for a national trademark for the time being. 

This is less expensive and still offers you extensive protection rights. It is irrelevant whether it is a figurative mark or a word mark - the claim to trademark protection extends to figurative marks as well as word marks and shape marks at the European level. 

Opposition To Reapplication: If someone applies for your or a similar EU trademark, you can object to the registration at the EUIPO. 

Cease-And-Desist Letter: If a third party uses your trademark without permission, you can issue a cease- and-desist letter to that third party for trademark infringement or, if applicable, for copyright infringement and request that they submit a cease-and-desist declaration. 

Legal Action: If the trademark infringement continues despite the warning, you can file a lawsuit, request a ban and claim damages. The court may order that copies already produced be confiscated. 

What Can I Apply For As An EU Trademark? 

The European trademark you wish to register must have sufficient distinctive character and must not be descriptive. For example, you can register names or logos as an EU trademark. Possible components of the trademark: 

• Letters or words 
• Numbers 
• Personal names 
• Shapes and images 
• Colors 
• Melodies 

A combination of the above elements is also possible as a European Union trademark.

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