5 Digital Products Changing The Way People Do Business

digital products changing way people do business

At the core of every business is a product or service to sell and the people who need those products or services the most. The past two decades have yielded the most incredible and powerful technological tools in history. Information can be processed quicker than ever before. This means that businesses are looking for ways to gain an edge on their competitors, how to improve internal processes, and ways to save money so they can maximize their profits. Digital products and technology have come so far that it’s hard to know what can help a business succeed. But these 5 new products and tech trends in particular are changing the ways that people do business. 

Top 5 Digital Products Impacting The Future Of Business

1. Specialized Gas Cards 

It used to be that drivers of fleet vehicles, company trucks, and driving tractor-trailer vehicles had to use either a normal corporate credit card or their own credit card for gas while they were on the road. There are many issues with both of these options. If the card is to be used only for gas, a corporate credit card could get used for things like snacks or other personal expenses. The driver would then need to reimburse the company for those expenses which can create a paperwork nightmare, especially for those businesses that manage a large fleet. 

For personal credit cards, some companies took too long to reimburse, leaving drivers on the hook for making payments on expenses that aren’t theirs. Fortunately, there are fleet gas cards that can be used for this purpose and more. Companies that are looking to add a fleet would do well to distribute these kinds of cards instead of a generic credit card if they only want their drivers to use them for gas. Customized gas cards are even more important these days with fuel shortages and higher prices. 

2. HR Training With VR / AR Technology

Training can pose an HR challenge, especially for teams that are dispersed all over. Some training is best done in real life, and some require a hands-on approach. In some industries, it’s too dangerous to do hands-on training right away. This is where VR/AR technology really shines in business. For those tasks that require attention to detail and have a level of danger to them, giving new staff the opportunity to start their training using AR or VR technology can make a big difference. New employees can then be empowered to take the next steps of training with the actual equipment. They will have more skills and confidence because they already completed some training in the virtual environment. 

3. Text Messaging And SMS Marketing 

Connecting with people is what running a business is all about. Connecting with the right people is how you make money. Leveraging SMS marketing technology through text messaging is an excellent way to build your business. Sharing coupon codes, reminding clients of important meetings, and even inviting them to connect are some of the ways that technology is changing business habits. While social media has risen to incredible heights, it’s apparent that reaching customers is about so much more than sharing pretty pictures online. 

4. Online Catalogs 

How do you share your offerings with your clients? An online catalog is a fantastic way to manage your inventory and show your customers what you have to offer. Making the catalog easy to search, fun to look at, and filled with important ordering information is critical. Doing all this online is what makes the technology and digital aspect of it so unique. Online ordering and using online catalogs also saves companies a ton of money that they might have spent on paper catalogs. 

5. ChatBots 

I am not sure anyone really loves talking to an online AI through a chatbot, however, they are very important for helping customers get their frequently asked questions answered. These new digital marketing programs can also direct customers to live chat agents who can then get their more complex problems solved. It is a more cost-effective approach to customer service, while still providing customers with the help they need. Chatbots are good at answering easy questions and directing customers to the right department, so they don’t get shuffled around once they connect with a real person. 

The Future Of Business Is Being Built

Business is always shifting. As new technologies emerge, businesses will have better ways to communicate, promote their businesses, and grow in this ever-evolving technology and digital product landscape. It's time for your company to adapt to new tech and trends today and not tomorrow. The future is now!

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