How To Create Webinars On Demand For Evergreen Content

how to create webinars on demand

The way people, especially businesses, put up seminars and events as they invite attendees has changed drastically over the past few years. More so, in this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person events are out and live webinars, even on demand webinar content, are in. A webinar, defined, pertains to the online event hosted by an organization or company and broadcast to a pre-determined group of individuals through their devices and computers via the Internet. 

Attending a webinar event for the attendee is promising. But what about those who like to participate in a webinar scheduled but don't have the time to do so? This is when the on demand webinar promotion, as opposed to a live webinar, gets in. In this post, we will give you a quick guide to making webinars on demand

But first, what does it mean by "on demand webinar"? 

On Demand Webinar: What This Is About 

You may be familiar with live webinars but not too much about on demand webinars. Or, maybe you are since we are talking about "on demand", which you happen to come across when you are binge-watching your favorite shows on Netflix, for instance. 

An on-demand webinar refers to a webinar that is pre-recorded and a webinar that viewers can watch at their own time. To review, a webinar is an online seminar connecting the audience to a webinar host. It plays on the words "web" and "seminar" hence the combined word "webinar" that has been mainstream for many years now. 

People are usually time-bound, and even if they want to attend or watch a webinar, if it doesn't match their free time, they can't. But not anymore with on demand webinars. 

With this on demand webinar program, you can attend the webinars on your own time and anywhere. On demand webinars, also known as always-on webinars, allow attendees to consume the webinar content at their own time. These webinars are easy to create for evergreen content that generates leads or revenue. 

A webinar on demand or always-on webinars are critical elements in any webinar program. As a matter of fact, the ON24 Webinar Benchmarks Report says over a third of all attendees are on demand attendees. This must be a clear signal for demand generation marketers that the always-on webinars should be in order. 

Moreover, these webinars demand a distinctive approach than their live counterparts. How can you create an on demand webinar? Read on to learn more about creating successful evergreen webinars on-demand. 

How To Create Webinars On Demand 

1. Prepare A Post-Webinar Plan 

Every successful webinar has a plan. It consists of speakers, promotional strategies, and talking points. Does this apply to on demand webinars? 

It is very important to take note of your current webinar process as precisely as you can, right up to when the event presents. Then, write down how you would implement a post-live event strategy, from promotions to updated polls, plus more. 

With the basics of the on demand webinar strategies in place, you can quickly change and iterate on your webinar process until the on demand aspect moves naturally in your webinar workflow. 

2. Centralize The Webinar Content 

On demand webinars should be easy to spot and navigate. Often, this means you must have an on demand content hub. These hubs provide your webinars with a central location so your audience can binge on your webinars at their own time and place, and for as long as they want. 

Remember, though, that various audiences need to search for content relevant to them. There are times having a targeted or personalized page can help them expedite their search, boost your webinar content, and improve your engagements with your webinar. 

3. Regularly Analyze On Demand Outcomes 

Here is the fun part: analysis. Know that on demand webinars can offer you a wealth of information that can refine your program, boost your webinar content, and create more engagement opportunities. Invest time going through your results to see where your viewers are engaging and why. 

Bonus Content: The Advantages Of On Demand Webinars 

According to the WorkCast website, 73 percent of B2B marketers agree webinars are great and effective ways to generate high-quality leads. With this being said, on demand webinars are the best ways to attract more attendees and generate more of such high-quality leads. 

Usually, the website added, only 30 to 40 percent of individuals who register for webinars will attend the event live. This may be because of time zone differences, scheduling conflicts, emergencies, and more. 

Your attendees cannot always be ready for your live event. Thus, there is the on demand webinar. 

The remaining 70 percent who cannot attend the webinar can instead attend the on demand versions of your webinar. 

When you host your webinar content on demand, you can lengthen its shelf life since it is not limiting your audience only to those available on the schedule. Attendees can partake in your webinar anytime and anywhere. 

Creating On Demand Webinar Content: The Conclusion 

If you think you need to work so hard to set up these webinars, you actually don't. There are several platforms today that will allow you to easily and effortlessly create these webinars from square one until the end. They will also facilitate on demand recording registration, and guide you on how to get more leads, create your webinar room, have your recording registration page, produce webinar videos, utilize paid search advertising, connect with your live attendees, go through your on demand settings, get ideas from your previous webinar and webinar channel, and more. 

When you follow the tips you have learned about above, you will also be able to understand the people interacting with your on demand program, providing you with the data you need so you can refine and re-target your webinar content as needed

The webinar's end isn't the end of your webinar. It's time to build your on demand webinar strategy starting right now to reap the rewards.

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