Esports Tournaments: History And What To Expect For Upcoming Events

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Do you love Esports tournaments? Are you a fan of League of Legends championships? Or do you want to get more information to plan your e sports bet strategies? Or are you simply curious? In any case, this article covers the brief history of some of the major Esports tournaments and the list of upcoming tournaments. 

Brief History Of Esports Competitions 

The first-ever gaming competition looked completely different. The Space Invaders Championship was the first recorded competition for the Atari 2600 in 1980. The title was not multiplayer, and the winner just had to achieve the highest score. The award was a titular arcade machine. Now, people prefer placing their dota2 bet more than arcades. 

About 25 years ago, Esports events started to resemble their present shape. The first major competitive gaming event, Quake Supermajor Red Annihilation with a worldwide battle for a very luxurious prize, was a brand-new Dennis "Thresh" Fong Ferrari 328 GTS Cabriolet. 

The international bracket of 16 people created a framework for copying other games. As a result, players across the industry are sometimes rewarded with fancy vehicles since then. 

While Starcraft 2 is not presently regarded as one of the largest Esports, its early days have been unbelievably significant. The game was massively followed by professionals from Starcraft sports events on TV in Korea. The StarCraft League of MBCGame has become the motor of competitive games. They have become the first in six numbers of their Esports events and reached GOMTV MSL #2 at $126,451.20 about 15 years ago. Read on to know more about today's LoL, whether you prefer to bet on League of Legends or if you are simply curious. 

When Starcraft demonstrated that Esports is both the search and the entertainment of the top players, many other gamer matches have followed. Many of the gaming tournaments you see in Esports events have connections to the early days of the industry. Counter-Strike, Dota 2, and Call of Duty may be able to trace the roots of Esports in their early days. What previously was an underground subculture, with millions of admirers and thousands of businessmen, has become an international experience for gamers and bettors alike. 

What To Watch In 2022? 

In the world of Esports, 2021 was a record year even with LAN competition off the table due to the Coronavirus. Bettor's vision and participation were strong in conventional sports tournaments. There are just three matches to watch if you're just interested in betting on the most important 2022 Esports championships. The League of Legends and Dota 2 online arenas for multiplayer and the Counter-Strike tactical shooter: the Global Offensive is the Big Three of Sports. The most prominent prize pools and competitive teams are in these titles. Every three titles are also free to play, which means that millions of gamers from all around the world are the finest players. 

League Of Legends 

It should be no surprise that the most popular free-to-play game will also hold the biggest ever championship. The end-of-year event in Riot Games is one of the longest events in history and has been a top-level league for more than a month. This tough, demanding process has extremely good prizes; the partly crowded prize pool for 2021 Worlds was only less than $6,450,000. The popularity of League of Legends cannot be emphasized. Even on the stage of the Worlds 2020 group, there were over 1,000,000 spectators. Over 3,8 million spectators came to the grand finals. 

Dota 2 

The first professional league of Dota came back in 2020. For each of the six regions, the Dota Pro Circuit is divided into two divisions. Through the Upper Division, there is a $225,000 award pool and $500,000 for the Majors award pools. The events will take place twice a year, giving a professional Dota stream almost 24/7 to bet on. While most Dota tournament providers held their online Esports championships throughout 2021, their LAN roots at the Majors are gradually coming back. The International 10 award pool of $40,000,000+ will be the biggest in history for all sports championships although its distribution details are yet to be published. 


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive conducted most of its online Esports contests in 2020, but in October the tactical shooter will return to LAN with aplomb. A $2,000,000 prize pool has been established for PGL for a Counter-Strike Major. Once again, the event brings together CS: GO teams from around the globe. Valve appears in their 2021 gaming tournament strategy to put more stocks in counter-strike against Dota. 2 million dollars game contests are unusual and the tournament will build up a new CS: GO record prize pool. This year's CS: GO event will not be the only PGL Major. Many online and offline sports competitions are planned by some of the most recognized gambling partners.

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