Credit Suisse Gold Bars Explained

credit suisse gold bars

Gold investment is something that investors are currently mining. However, venturing into the world of yellow metal can somewhat be confusing. Several things first must be considered. The size, weight, and fineness, and purity of the metal must be considered. 

Although there are many gold bars out there, the Credit Suisse Gold bar seems to stand out. This is a highly popular precious metal asset option in the globe today. A reputable group known as the Credit Suisse company recognized for its fine and radiant bullion products is responsible for minting this precious metal. 

The Credit Suisse firm is a major producer of several precious metals. The group is based in Switzerland and is a financial company that dates far back as 1856. 

The History Explained 

Credit Suisse initially was formed to help the Swiss in setting up their rail network. And, as time went on, it evolved and became an essential part of the growth of Switzerland. Why so? well, it is because the company or group was acknowledged for helping to create the Swiss currency. The group was also credited with developing the country’s banking reputation, and funding Swiss entrepreneurs. 

The first gold bar minted by the group was introduced in 1979. And since that time, manufacturing has continued non-stop. As time went on, a wide range of bigger sizes was introduced. As of now, the gold bars belonging to the Credit Suisse organization is recognized as one of the most affordable and secure precious metal available.  

The Characteristics Explained 

Credits Suisse's gold bar design is distinct. Once you come across one, you instantly recognize it. How so? You can find more on that below. 

Specifications Explained 

Credit Suisse yellow metals are assured to have .9999 fineness. This is regardless of the bar weight and size. This would qualify the precious metal to be 24-karat. The gold bars are available in a range of sizes to choose from. You can find them in sizes 1000 grams, 500 grans, 250 grams. You can also find them in smaller sizes of 100 to 1 gram. You can find them in troy ounces as well. They range in different troy ounces. 

The weight of the Credit Suisse gold bar doesn’t determine its worth. However, its value is a result of its .9999 fineness. It is important to note that precious metals are malleable products. this means that if not properly packed, and delivered, they would most likely show wear and tear signs. This page tells more on how to store your precious metal coins and bar properly. 


Well, the bars are formed in a thin rectangular shape. Their edges are smooth, and a lilt bit of flash. At the front of each bar, you get all the important info you need about the product. The front features the gold content, the pureness and fineness, and the serial number. 

And, above the information, you see the group’s logo. The logo states “CREDIT SUISSE” and it is inside of a rectangular box. Underneath the information, you see a smaller rectangular box as well. Inside this box is writing that reads “ESSAYEUR FONDDEUR”. It is a French word that loosely means “Melting Tester” this writing represents the refinery’s stamp that manufactures the metal. 

When you consider purchasing a gold bar, you must test for authenticity. To do this, you have to consult with an expert precious metal vendor. You can also consult with a specialist that employs testing equipment. This way you can deduce the purity and fineness of your metal. 

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Why An IRA May Be The Best Way To Capitalize On Credit Suisse Gold Bars 

Precious metals in an IRA for investment must meet specific requirements set by the IRS. Gold individual retirement accounts take a self-directed approach, and all bullion must be IRS approved. Credit Suisse yellow bars are approved for investing in an IRA. Investing here means that your portfolio can be diversified. Placing physical gold bars in an individual retirement means that your investment is liberated from the market downturn. 

As aforementioned, Credit Suisse precious metals meet the basic requirements of pureness and fineness as set by section 408 (b) of the internal revenue code. All IRA holders must first make a minimum purchase worth $5,000 of precious metal. This is so as a precious metal IRA can be established. Afterward, all consequent purchases should be a minimum of $1000 each. 

As soon as an investor purchases Credit Suisse gold, the IRS necessitates that all bars and or coins must be kept in a qualified account. The account will be responsible for securing and maintaining the bullion. For those who hold an individual retirement account, there is the option of shifting funds over to the gold IRA. 

Most precious metals are transacted through numerous retailers. While Credit Suisse's precious metals can be acquired from their company. This way, investors can easily confirm the legitimacy. This can be done by keying the serial digits into the company’s website. This link talks more about how best to open an IRA with Credit Suisse bars. 

Take Away 

For several years now, precious metals have been a safe and stable investment. This is because of its ability to retain value. Regardless of the downward economy it remains highly sought after. If you want to make an investment where your assets can be protected, then you have to consider gold bars. Though the yellow metal has great aesthetic value, it is very much easier to sell. 

Investing in bullion bars is also beneficial to those who require an IRA. Keep in mind that you do the needful before buying precious metals. Credit Suisse gold is top-rated, make sure to purchase from the company. Don't miss out on this golden opportunity for investors and precious metals buyers!

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