4 Benefits Of Bulk Bags Vs. Gaylord Boxes

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If you are going to use the most economical choice between Gaylord boxes in bulk bags, the bags tend to be the least expensive option. These bulky bags can be engineered properly and they will often have document pouches, narrow lift loops, will be made of a very light fabric, and should be able to pass all safety factors. Bagging is best in many cases over Gaylord Box options.

The 4 Big Benefits Of Bulk Bags Over Gaylord Boxes

1. Easier To Use 

If you are going to use Gaylord boxes, additional labor fees may be required, particularly when compensating employees for the time it will take to not only assemble the box but get it ready for shipment. When you are using bulk bags, you are not going to have all of the handling time that is often required with the boxes, primarily because there is no assembly required and everything can be put in much more quickly. 

2. More Options 

The specific types of bags that you will want to use can be created for your specifications, whereas 2 wall Gaylord boxes are going to be very rigid in their dimensions. If you are trying to put everything on a trailer, or fit everything on a pallet, you are considering every cubic foot of space that you have even with the bags. However, the bags are adjustable, and you can also enlarge the outlet or in that size, emptying the bag much easier, allowing your employees to be more productive. 

The advent of lift loops is also advantageous because you can adjust them, with many of them being 10 inches in length. It really depends on the application, the types of straps that you are using, when considering these factors. Lift loops, for example, may also common various patterns including standard loops, self standing loops, and also cross corner options. Additionally, bulk bags can be made of a variety of materials which may actually outperform Gaylord boxes in regard to strength. 

3. Reusability 

Bulk bags can be easily reused, and when you do this, your cost of using them is going to be drastically cut back. You can also consider recycling them, back into a raw material, such as the polypropylene that they are made of and thus prevent them from going into a landfill. We have actually partnered with many different recycling companies that can assist you. 

4. The Ability To Stack Them 

It is possible to fit up to 400 empty bags on every pallet, but this does depend upon their specifications. The number of bags on each pallet can also diminish the amount of space that can be used if they are being stored. Bulk bags are easy to stack which is beneficial when trying to save as much space as possible within your trailers or warehouse when selling goods online with better online marketing via SEO

Final Thoughts On Bulk Bag Benefits

When considering the minimum quantity for Gaylord boxes on each pallet, you can have up to 50 pieces. By having such small quantities on each pallet, this will increase the number of pallets that you will need to store them, thus reducing warehouse space significantly along with shipments.

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