How To Choose Customized Drink Bottles For Your Fundraiser

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Drink bottles are wonderfully effective promotional items when it comes to marketing campaigns. They are highly practical, and they are almost always in circulation because people use them to carry water or their beverage along with them. 

You can use customised drink bottles for your company, charity, or non-profit fundraiser, especially if your event promotes sustainable modes of living, or is sports-related, where water will be in great demand among participants and attendees alike. 

Here’s how you can choose the best customized water bottles for promotional purposes. 


While regular water bottles are as good as any other, insulated drink bottles will undoubtedly grab more eyeballs. While choosing your personalized drink bottles, try to ensure they are insulated as they will let the user enjoy their cold or hot drinks while on the move. 

This will add to the bottle utility, and they are sure to notice your attention to design detail. Although they cost more than your average water bottles, they will surely make a significant impact. 


Many users today are concerned about the environment, so if your drink bottles can be reused and recycled, they will attract a great deal of attention from mindful consumers. 

Reusable bottles are made from metals such as stainless steel, glass, aluminium, or even copper. Food-grade plastic is also a great choice, and it can be recycled later as well. It will be an added advantage if the custom bottles are dishwasher safe and BPA-free. 

Easy To Print 

The primary reason for giving away personalized drink bottles at the fundraiser is to increase your brand's visibility. The custom-made bottles you choose should be easy to print on, so you can customise them any way you want, including printing your brand name or logo on them anywhere. 

So, make sure that the ink used for printing is of high quality and does not fade soon. The material should be easy to print on, and you should choose print designs that will be in sync with the concept of the fundraiser. Along with your company name, logo, and business motto, you can customise the bottles in various ways. 

Large Print Area 

While choosing a drink bottle for a fundraiser, make sure it has a large surface area to accommodate all the necessary information. All details such as the message of your fundraiser, the caption for the event, your brand name and logo, along with contact information, should fit comfortably on the bottle surface in different font colours and sizes to ensure they are clearly visible. 


The size of the water bottle matters- too small, and most users will consider it a one-time usage bottle and could toss it away. Customized water bottles that are too big, and they might consider it too bulky to carry around. 

For adults, a regular eight to ten-ounce bottle works best. You can also choose personalized bottles with innovative caps that allow easy drinking with just a flip and are great for refilling from any tap. 

Best Bottle Branding

You can choose high-end, durable, and highly functional customised drink bottles for your fundraiser by keeping these things in mind. The attendees are sure to be impressed with the custom water bottle gift and will happily donate to your cause. Afterwards they and others around them will be reminded of your fundraising mission and be more likely to donate again in the future.

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