5 Reasons Call Centers Use Agent Screen Recording Software Programs

call center agent screen recording

Call centers are no longer made up of dedicated work spaces that agents punch in and out of every day. The modern call center is made up of office agents and remote “work-from-anywhere” employees. This evolution has made call center performance testing a challenge. How do quality managers evaluate a workforce that’s spread apart? 

All evaluations in call centers rely on a set of metrics and parameters that define successful performance. Obtaining the data needed for the evaluation is the major challenge because remote all center agents often work alone with a higher degree of autonomy. 

Agent screen recording is proving to supply that missing performance data and is becoming easier to deploy than ever before. 

Agent Screen Recording For Call Centers (On-Site And Remote) 

Few call centers can feasibly operate without a plan for remote customer service representatives. To track employee performance, the process of collecting quality data must follow the employee. In the past, this kind of deployment was riddled with pitfalls stemming from the fact that agents suddenly had to do their customer service job and become their own IT departments. This sometimes causes serious security compromises and compliance issues. 

Even when an employee manages to set up a secure, compliant remote work environment, performance becomes hard to monitor. Company time spent at home can blur the distinction between personal computer use and company computer use. When your agent is fielding a sales or support call with movies streaming in the background, performance begins to suffer, but how is the manager to know? 

Enter agent screen recording. This isn’t a secret spying program meant to catch your agents. It’s a process with a two-fold benefit: accountability and performance measurement. Let’s take a look at 5 areas of performance that agent screen recording can help you improve. 

5 Reasons Call Centers Should Use Customer Service Agent Screen Recording Software Programs

1. Agent Efficiency 

Whether an agent is remote or working on-site, agent screen recording renders the critical data needed to evaluate the agent’s workflow fully. A well-formed agent workflow is the key to call center efficiency. 

Is there a repetitive screen action that slows your agents down? Or do certain agents struggle with parts of your CX software and need more training? Do they allow distractions like music or other media to run in the background? 

When you have an agent who isn’t closing as many calls as the others, a review of their onscreen activity along with the call audio/video will help you spot the efficiency gaps and tweak their performance. 

2. Improved Agent Performance And Customer Satisfaction 

Agent screen recording carries with it a certain accountability. Your employee knows they’re on company time and that the screen is reviewable. While at a glance, this might sound like an overbearing scare tactic, it’s not. 

Any call center's goal is to increase customer satisfaction, and supervisors must use every tool available to do that. In work-from-anywhere scenarios, agent screen recording takes the place of the roving supervisor. In large on-site operations, screen recording fills in gaps a supervisor might otherwise miss. 

Let your employee know upfront that your call scoring will include a screen review. Does the knowledge of screen recording potentially change their behavior on a call? Yes, but typically for the better. 

3. Increased Compliance 

Your customers hand over personal data on just about every call they make to you. Credit card and personal ID numbers don’t just get spoken over the phone; they get handled on screen. Most industries have very specific laws governing how your company is to handle that data, and failure to comply can be very costly. 

Ensuring your agents protect vulnerable customer data is one of the primary concerns of any supervisor or compliance officer. Sometimes employees unwittingly expose customer data by storing it locally or having a malicious website open in the background. 

When your organization exposes customer data, you face loss of the customer, money, and reputation. Agent screen recording helps the supervisor track risky behaviors and compliance failures before they snowball into compromised data. These discoveries help you to lock down your customer data and train your employees in compliance and security. 

4. Faster Dispute Resolution 

Every company deals with disputes, but the results of any customer issue vary widely depending on the amount of data you’ve collected. When a dispute arises, your quality team will hone in on every customer and agent interaction recorded, looking for where things went wrong. 

More data truly is more power here. Think of a call recording as your ears and the screen recording as your eyes. Having both available makes a much more reliable witness to the events of every interaction. 

Even if your company is in the wrong, making that discovery earlier helps you get ahead of the situation and make amends with your customer instead of spending money on legal proceedings. Companies that admit fault actually enhance customer loyalty and retention. 

5. Employee Training Demonstration Data 

Having to train employees, while necessary, cuts into productivity when your training curriculum lacks clear examples of the best practices. Call and screen recordings are incredibly useful for conveying the best (and worst) practices in your call center. 

Keeping a growing list of recorded, real-world examples of your agent and customer interactions equip your company to better prepare agents for the tasks at hand, and in shorter periods of time. 

How Do I Implement Call Center Agent Screen Recording? 

Some call platforms bundle call, video conference and screen recording into a single platform. Cloud-based platforms are a wise choice when adding agent screen recording to your call center design because they don’t require on-site or proprietary hardware. 

Without a doubt, including all center agent screen recordings in your quality management practices is a proven way to increase your customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention.

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