Dos And Don’ts After A Car Accident: Complete Car Accident Guide

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On average, 17,250 car accidents take place a day in the US. Most of the drivers, including you and me, think that it won't happen to us but, with such high statistics, it is bound to happen to everybody. 

So it is better to be prepared for that. Our little guide will walk you through what you should and what you should not do after a car accident. 

Do Seek Immediate Medical Help 

The first thing you should do after your accident, and of course if you are conscious, is to seek immediate medical health. You might feel okay at first, but even a minor injury can sometimes be proved to be deadly. Get yourself properly checked at the accident scene and again from a good doctor. 

Don't Panic 

Feeling scared and panic is a normal human emotion at the time of an accident, but don't let it get the best of you. Focus on yourself and your surrounding and be very attentive. Keep your wits with you and immediately call for help. 

Do Contact The Police 

The grave mistake people often commit after a car accident is not contacting the police immediately. Contacting the police first gives you an advantage over the other party and helps build your case. If you are severely injured, and there are no witnesses nearby, just dial 911, and they will track your location. 

Don't Leave The Place Of Accident

Running from the accident place is like admitting the guilt, so never leave before reporting the incident to the police. Make sure to stay put until you have shared all the details with both the scene's witness and the other driver. 

Do Call Your Attorney ASAP 

One thing to remember is to never answer any question without the presence of your lawyer. Most of the accident cases in the US ends up very bad because of the absence of a good auto accident lawyer.

That’s why you should contact Car accident attorney chicago urgently under these type of matter because they can get you a fair verdict. 

Don't Throw Out Any Possible Evidence

After seeking medical help, do not throw out your torn or bloody clothes that can become potential evidence. Other items that can help you make your case strong are any car parts that might have broken or come apart after the crash. 

Do Contact Your Insurance Agency 

You should immediately contact your insurance agent after the accident to assess the damage and the insurance money. Provide them with all the necessary details of how and when the accident happened. Make sure that you do not sign anything before talking to your attorney. 

Don't Blame Anyone 

People often like to blame others for the mistakes they made, don't do that. Do not get into the discussion about whose fault it was that the accident happens and how it happened. Neither blame the other driver nor accept any kind of accusations. Report to the police exactly what happened and how it happened without putting the blame on anyone. 

Do Take Pictures After Your Accident 

It might sound odd to you, but taking pictures after your accident is very important. And no, we are not talking about taking selfies but proper photographs of your surrounding areas and your damaged car. 

The Endnote After Car Accidents

Nothing in life can indeed prepare you for the trauma of car crashes unless you experienced it. We have made a list for you to follow if you ever encountered a vehicle accident, but we seriously hope that you don't. And if you did get injured, make sure to visit Frugal Fitness to help with your rehab exercises. Drive Safe!

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