The Benefits Of Scalp Massage To Hair Loss

benefits of scalp massage for hair loss prevention baldness treatment

Daily scalp massages are one of the primary methods that can quickly thicken the hair of yours and lower your hairline. They are essential in case you are interested in getting back your good hair. 

What Is Scalp Massage? 

Scalp massage or head massage is the mechanical stimulation of the scalp by using hands or specially designed devices. It is an effective way for headache relief and stress reduction. 

If you would like to avoid hair loss and hair transplantation, scalp massage is among the best methods to stop it. The history of hair transplantation is long known to be helpful for hair loss prevention and treatment. 

Benefits Of Scalp Massage 

1.    It Stimulates Blood Flow 

When hair loss takes place as a consequence of Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA), it is because of the presence of DHT. Nevertheless, this triggers a procedure referred to as locks miniaturization. Along with this, it results in reduced blood circulation to the follicle. Less blood circulation means hair loss, so scalp massage increasing blood flood can prevent this.

2.    It Reduces Tension And Stress 

Stress is a common reason for hair loss, and this can happen at any time. You can find numerous ways to fight stress, but among the common approaches is massage. 

As we stress, our systems are tensed. This tension may then lead to thoughts of much more anxiety, and the vicious cycle continues with our hair health as the victim. 

How To Perform Scalp Massage 

While a massage seems a simple enough practice, there are right and wrong ways of doing one. 

1.    Use Your Hands 

The easiest method of scalp massage involves nothing but your hands. This can be done at home or on the go, and it’s a great introduction to the beneficial practice. 

Begin at the sides of your head and use four fingers on each side to work for your hands in a circular motion. Apply varying levels of pressure, alternating throughout the routine. 

Slowly work your way up from the sides of the head to the crown. You can either go straight from sides to crown, or trace back every so often to the sides. 

Once you’re at the crown, continue working in a circular motion. Slowly work your way towards the front of your scalp (the hairline). You’ll then start at the very top of the hairline, and slowly move down and back to the sides of your head. 

2.    Use A Scalp Massager 

If you’re in a hurry, or if you’d prefer a different method, you can also use a scalp massager with the same positive effects. 

Start by placing the tips of the massager on the top of your head. Slowly move the massager tool up and down, and rotate the massager in circular motions to get all areas of the scalp. 

3.    Combine With Oil 

To further boost the benefits of scalp massage, you can combine your massage sessions by adding in an oil. Many oils can bring additional benefits to your scalp massage routine. However, the oils you choose will depend on your goals. 

For example, rosemary oil extract is excellent for use as a topical DHT blocker. Peppermint oil can be used to promote blood circulation further or almond oil can be used as an antioxidant and hair growth promoter.

Keep all of these scalp massage tips in mind to help minimize the hair loss and balding.

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