5 Top Digital Marketing Trendsetters To Follow

top digital marketing trendsetters to follow martech industry influencers

In digital marketing sector it is important to constantly have your finger on the pulse and adapt to new trends. Whether it is changes in algorithms, innovations in technology, or cultural trends that are gathering swarms of online attention, there is always something new to keep on top of. Because of the ever-changing face of digital marketing, there are always new trailblazers and trend setters to watch out for. 

Artificial intelligence began to influence the world of marketing and, according to the Smart Insights report, content marketing was thought to be the single marketing activity to make the biggest impact. Throughout the year, consumers were swayed by experiences rather than traditional ads, and we continued in the shift away from television advertising towards a completely digital world based on big data. 

With all of this in mind, we consulted Google’s own data dig into their marketing resource ‘Think with Google’. They uncovered the most-read articles on this go-to marketing resource platform from top martech disruptors. Here is what marketing experts were most interested in over the past year. 

5 Top Digital Marketing Trendsetters Today

1. Inside Google Marketing: 3 Ways We Think About SEO 
By Sean O'Keefe 

“How does Google approach SEO?” is the golden question in marketing. Every digital marketer wants an answer to this almighty query. It is no wonder that this topic was the most read and hotly discussed. With a constantly changing, mysterious algorithm, it is essential that digital marketers stay up to date with this topic. Sean O’Keefe leads the way and gives us all an insight into the world of Google. 

2. How Rihanna’s Fenty Delivered A Wake-Up Call To The Beauty Industry 
By Sandy Saputo 

Beauty products have dominated the marketing world over the past year and Rihanna’s Fenty range lead the way with the slogan “Beauty for All”. The concept of a truly inclusive brand shook up the way digital marketers approach the beauty industry. Merging marketing with celebrity culture and progressive positivity, there is no wonder that this piece brought hooked in so many readers. 

3. Forget Storytelling, It's All About Storyselling 
By Travis Chambers 

Everyone enjoys a viral video. Especially one that rakes in thousands of pounds! In this think piece, Travis Chambers explains the marketing beauty of telling a story and monetizing it — something that we could all learn from! Clearly, video marketing still reigned, and storytelling was key to any brand’s success. 

4. 5 Rules Of Engagement For Video Ads That Work 
By Sadie Thoma 

If we needed any further evidence that video marketing was king, Sadie Thoma brings it. The fact that this piece was among the highest in terms of engagement proves that many digital marketing agencies focused on telling their brand’s story through video. This is a must see video for business motivation.

5. How To Create A Product Story That Unfolds Over Time — And Drives Results 
By Megan Haller 

Again, storytelling is at the center of this piece, shedding light on what we were most focused on. Quick fixes and short marketing campaigns clearly didn’t capture people’s attention. Instead, we wanted to know the full story. For this article, Haller made reference to the Nemeziz soccer shoe launch by Adidas and how their marketing team utilized YouTube’s video ad sequencing tool to guide the viewers through an advertorial journey. 

Time To Follow These Digital Marketing Trendsetters

These marketing trailblazers have set the bar high, and their insights are sure to inform big brands over the coming year. It is safe to say that many agencies will want to get hold of these expert’s business cards as they plan their strategies for the upcoming years. With big predictions for the upcoming year in place, including ‘snackable video content’, inclusive marketing, and experience personalization, it’s time to step into the new decade with a creative mindset and an ambitious digital marketing plan.

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