Why SEO Should Be Your Choice Of Marketing Even If The Market Is Small

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It is sometimes hard to determine which marketing strategy is the best when there is a very small number of people you can potentially influence. 

This is especially relevant in small countries where the targeting needs to happen in a native language and the amount of content available is very meager. 

In these cases, people usually just go for social media marketing or guest blog posting strategies where they simply target a specific group of people with specific interests and hope to come out with the best results. 

However, the sad news is that these types of marketing campaigns very rarely include things like Search Engine Optimization, simply because the business owners don’t see too many of their customers Googling their service in their native language just to find information. 

This is quite relevant in Post Soviet countries, where customers expect the information to be delivered to them, rather than striking out to find information themselves. 

However, multiple cases have shown that doing Search Engine Optimization may not be the best strategy in the short term, but in the long run it could provide some of the best marketing opportunities for a company. 

Why A Long Term SEO Strategy Is Important 

No matter how small a market may be, it always has potential to grow regardless of the niche product or service it sells. 

Companies grow, brands become much more recognizable, but whenever a business owner tries to tap into a new market, they always find out that social media marketing is just not enough at that point. 

This is simply because they may be tapping into a market that has bigger competition, or the behavior of the potential customers is much different. 

This is where SEO comes into play, as it is always relevant. No matter how unique a targeted audience may be, it is likely that at least 50% of these people use Google on a daily basis. Having a major presence in the search arches is going to increase the number of organic traffic, which can later be converted into a social media community, and thus generate a lot more organic viewership there as well. 

One such example is the gaming industry in Post Soviet countries. These companies would mostly rely on social media marketing to announce their new promotions or just billboards all over the cities.

Well, the issue quickly became apparent as more and more governments started banning too much offline gaming promotion, which is why the companies had to find a different source for new customers. 

This came through SEO and content marketing. They’d find webmasters, who would rank themselves in Google’s search arches based on things like, company reviews, legal explanation, guides and etc. Things that people don’t usually go to the company in most cases. 

All of this helped them create a very customer-friendly based marketing strategy, where they would allow webmasters to convert these viewers into customers for them, thus receiving them with an already existing knowledge of trustworthiness and etc. 

Once they had these people on the platform, it would immediately transition into email marketing where it was all about retention. 

But this is just one example. Almost every company can easily find use through SEO, in the long run. 

The market is designed to change, and once that change occurs, it is always best to be one of the few who managed to prepare for it.

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