11 Tips To Get A Job Before Grad School

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Most of us fail to earn a graduate degree because of a lack of funds and having no one to support us. In this situation, we either choose to quit or try to get a job to support ourselves. That is the major reason why students often look for jobs before graduate school like an MBA or PhD. Inadequate funds or having no financial support is not always the reason why people look for jobs before graduation. Some students opt for a job to gain experience as well prior to grad school. Many companies now even pay a portion or more of graduate school tuition for their employees. 

It is smart to start the job-seeking process early. However, finding a job with no experience and an undergraduate degree would be the hardest. If you are beginning to feel that it's impossible to get a job before graduation, here are the eleven great ways to get a quality job

● Networking 
● Job fairs 
● Build an online presence 
● Internship 
● Get a skill 
● Set out on a serious job hunt 
● Apply through a reference 
● Use your school's career services for your advantage; 
● Consider taking help from recruiters 
● Cold calling or emailing 
● Show up to interviews prepared 

11 Ways To Find A Job Before Graduate School

1. Networking 

Since you have got little or little experience and an undergraduate degree you can not move forward in the breathtakingly practical world without networking. Do not take shame in reaching people out and asking for help. 

If no one can help, you can request to allow you to shadow them for a while. It will help you in seeing things more clearly. Remember! We are not asking you to take help from strangers, reach out to your professors, internship supervisors, college administrators, etc. 

2. Job Fairs 

The job fair is one sure way to get a well-deserved opportunity served without doing much. The job fairs are specifically conducted to meet and hire highly qualified students. So, that might be a specific solution to your problem. 

3. Build An Online Presence 

Building up a professional online presence is a modern way of networking and finding a job. Signup to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social platforms, or build a Blog. Follow professionals and build an impressive following, you will surely get countless worth-considering opportunities. Starting a side hustle on the internet will also make you more valuable as a job candidate.

4. Internship 

Do not get disheartened if you are having a hard time finding your first paying job, most of us do not get it easily. We have to search, build a better network, and even enroll in an internship program. Consider growing companies as there the well-reputed companies rarely turn internees into employees. 

An internship can also be a great way to have the entry pass to the professional world. It would help you build your first resume, make you appear for your first interview, gain the necessary skills and enough experience to get your first paying job. Besides gaining experience and a pass to the professional world, you will step out with more confidence, realistic expectations, a better professional network, and a professional attitude. 

5. Learn A New Skill 

If you are unable to find a job even after the internship or you think you do not deserve the offers you get, try gaining a skill. It will certainly get you somewhere. Make sure, the skill you get is relevant to the career you have chosen for yourself. 

6. Set Out On A Serious Job Hunt 

It is quite sad that most of us sit there and complain that we have not found a job yet. To get your first paying job, you have to come out of your comfort zone and set out on a serious job hunt. You need to go all-in 100% and no half measures when looking for work. Use all the means of finding a job and apply for all the relevant jobs. Besides looking for a job in newspapers, websites, and some other similar platforms, get in touch with recruiters, interns, and managers of well-reputed companies. In short, spend more time and effort in finding a job than socializing, and doing recreational activities. 

7. Apply Through A Reference 

It is said that one meeting is not enough to judge someone. Since first interviews do not usually portray the real you, it is always a better idea to apply through a reference. The reference will build you a better image by talking about your skills, experience, habits, and character. So, there would be a higher chance of you getting hired this way. 

8. Use Your School Career Services Center 

Finding your first job is just as scary as taking your first steps or walking into an unknown world. The school career services are not there to provide career-related counseling but help you find a reliable resource as well. So, do consider using your school career services center as well. If it fails to help you, you would know using one resource is not enough. 

9. Get Help From Recruiters 

Contacting and taking help from a recruiter is also a fine idea. It would be like you are handing your responsibility to a reliable person. They keep their eye on all the recent vacancies and serve you the best-filtered job opportunities. Besides assisting you in finding job opportunities, recruiters can be a great help in preparing for the interviews, building resumes, cover letters, and negotiating with employers. 

10. Cold Calls And Cold Emails 

Cold calling or emailing might not be as effective as the other ways of finding a perfect job. Since you should not leave any stone unturned, take some time out for cold calling or emailing. What makes cold calling more convincing is that the companies keep a record of all the candidates so they can call them for an interview in the hour of need. So if it does not get you an immediate response, it keeps you hopeful. 

11. Show Up For Interviews Prepared 

Your qualification, experience, resume, school grades, and a strong first impression are what will get you hired. So even if you have been to several interviews, show up to every interview well-prepared. It will make you appear and sound professional, calm, and, controlled just as the job requires you to be 


In summary, calling the company directly, hiring a recruiter, enrolling in an internship program, job fairs, and showing up to the interviews are a few of the surest ways of finding a job before graduation. The best advice would be doing not to get disheartened try all means of finding a job before you become a graduate, even if there is a low possibility.

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