Changes In Marketing Laws Impact E-Cigarette Brands And Job Seekers

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Since the introduction of the vaping phenomenon back in the early 2000s, news outlets have been churning out sensationalised and exaggerated stories surrounding the so-called ‘complications’ of vaping products in a bid to instill fear in the nation. And just recently the industry leader Juul was ordered by the US government to remove popular flavors from their offering at convenience stores and other major outlets. It seemed as if the burgeoning market was about to take a major hit and a lot of jobs would be lost worldwide.

However, vape companies are now being given the opportunity to fight back following the relaxation of e-cigarette marketing rules in the UK. That's good news for these vape companies as well as thousands of job seekers looking for work in the booming market. Whether you live in Phoenix AZ, Sarasota FL, or the United Kingdom there are more jobs available than ever in this maturing market. 

If you’ve done your research then you’ll know that e-cigarettes are far safer and healthier than tobacco cigarettes – there’s no doubt about it. But until recently, top vape companies and premium seller websites like Cloudstix haven’t been allowed to make such claims when advertising their products. 

The change to UK advertising regulations is a huge step forward for the vaping community, and whilst they don’t give complete freedom to vape companies regarding advertising abilities, they do go a long way in helping smokers choose to make the switch. 

Advertising restrictions surrounding vaping may have been relaxed, but they have certainly not been dismissed entirely as marketing vape products on mainstream media is still a big no-no. With that said however, vape companies do have the ability to advertise their devices and products on mainstream media as long as they don’t contain nicotine toxin. 

As the law now stands, vape companies are allowed to make health benefit claims around e-cigarettes being a healthier and safer alternative as opposed to tobacco cigarettes, supported by statistics which reveal that vaping e-liquid is 95 percent safer than smoking lit tobacco. The new regulations come following a recommendation from the UK Government’s Science and Technology Committee. 

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has outlined the reasons for relaxing the once stringent advertising restrictions place on vape products. Cancer Research, Public Health England and the Royal College of Physicians were among many who supported the initial proposal of relaxing advertising rules surrounding vaping. The decision was also backed by an improvement in vape product quality over the years and a significant decline in smoking rates in the UK as a people continue to make the switch. 

Despite the huge advancements that have been made in recent months surrounding advertisement rules on vape products, there have been a number of objections along the way. Organizations have tried to undermine proposed changes on the grounds that promoting e-cigarettes for health reasons is undesirable and not in the public’s best interest. 

However the New Nicotine Alliance (NNA) responded to these unfounded justifications and said that the reasoning of those opposed to the changes was not only weak, but tended to lend weight to the proposal. 

The NNA later went to speak on the matter at hand, arguing that it would be incongruous if government, state agencies, charities and other non-profit organizations could not undertake public health campaigns in support of e-cigarettes. The UK Government has also embraced the changes to advertising restrictions as it has endorsed the use of e-cigarettes as part of a tobacco control strategy. 

With the revisited restrictions now in place (which are set to be reviewed annually), and with an importance placed on educating smokers about the health and safety benefits of e-cigarettes, we can expect to see a rising number of people making the switch from smoking to vaping in the coming months and years. 

More jobs will continue to grow in the vaping industry so you should visit helpful websites if you need moving companies to transfer to a location that is hiring in the US or UK. 

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I hope you enjoyed this article about new changes in marketing laws that are beneficial for e-cigarette brands and job seekers.

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